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  • ilikeembrown ilikeembrown May 30, 2013 3:16 PM Flag

    Sudden jump of Silver mine Co.s seems a bit unwarranted...

    Nothing has really changed. No news, Inflation low, stocks up, silver flat. What's up all of a sudden, why today?

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    • Hey Dippy,
      Inflation Low, yea right, Price increase small but package size reduction large. Take two boxes to feed your kids which were the same price as one of todays boxes. How about molding wood work. removed a piece of molding which was .5 in thick replace it with todays molding which is 3/8 thick. I can give you many more examples. Pull your head out of the sand and use you brain. How about drug CO PAY used to get mine for 10.00 now running 45.00. NO INFLATION Yea Right!

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    • Suggest you look into options expiration. There are three types: options on equities, futures (contracts on the base metal), and options on futures. The expirations occur on different days of the month; equities usually come first, and the metals bring up the rear. I've learned that the calendar has a tremendous influence on price action; it isn't straightforward or the easiest thing to understand, but it is obvious after watching that opex is a major influence.

      In the period between the two, you will often see equities "tugging at the lease", anticipating a move higher, while the dog's "owner" (the metal) holds back *despite* situations you'd swear would be bullish for bullion.

      (Think about it, the "house" makes it's money by offering sure-thing deals to suckers, and then being on the winning side when the sure thing doesn't happen. There is ample incentive to hold bullion prices at a level that rakes in lots of money from losers *every* options expiration period.)

    • Hey why are you complaining I don't really care why EXK is up 8.5% the important thing is I got in on the 27th. of may and I am very happy
      BTW Shulman I took your advice thanks.

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