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  • hold2sell hold2sell Jun 6, 2013 9:09 AM Flag

    Listen to Newscentral at your own risk

    Same game, different stock. If you care and have the time.. go read back a year or two .. JAG, SLW.. keep reading you'll see what I mean. Good luck to all

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    • Placing blame for what? For owning an equity whose stock has lost value? In fact your 'argument' is illogical. EG - you post lots of facts about EXK. True. All the while the stock is losing big time. So do you think I blame you because you do DD and research and tout the company while the stock price collapses? And that I buy a stock because of your recommendation? No sir. I just think you are a serial obfuscater and perhaps liberal with 'the truth" Watch this space

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      • I'm sorry that you are having problems with a leg. I had just posted a day ago that I have blood clots in a leg. It's the same leg as when I was in the hospital and had to have two operations as it was turning charcoal because of blood clots. When I had mentioned this problem and said that doctors may be cutting this leg off, you made fun of me.

        I don't know if this is your game, but you have talked before about shorting stocks, including EXK.

        There were several times when I said that I wasn't happy that management bought El Cubo, but as I said yesterday, it's looking better and wondered if they bought it because of heat mapping. I said months ago that I like EXK because of San Sebastian and that development is a couple of years off.

        I have said 20-25 times that my outlook is 2-3 or more years. As said, I don't give price or TA direction, or sentiment - that disclosure on the bottom when you post. I have always said to hedge any pm investment. On the SLW board I had said never put all your eggs in one basket and often said to research and not buy more than a hundred shares within many situations. Always have some funds to cost average if you still feel that your investment deserves it.

        I like posting about EXK because of family history of commodity involvement and because I had always loved the outdoors and often traveled and climbed in mining areas. That's not to say that externals aren't often more important than internals, because I have spent 12 years in college studying economics and finance, etc. and getting certifications.

    • correction. He pumped EXEL and JAG on SLW board. I'll send links when I have a moment. My leg is bothering me right now.

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      • I know who you are. You have a big habit of placing blame on many others when it's obvious that you don't do your own research. I had talked about several stocks (for research) on the SLW board and all but one is up - EXEL. They pulled their drug application from the FDA at the last minute, but the drug did get approval for cancer for a smaller patient base. They are in continued studies. I talked about Wells Fargo at 7, KERX had moved up a 1000%. Priceline soared, EBAY over 200%, YHOO more than doubled. Back then on the SLW board we had many discussing stocks within a circle of board friends. Most all of the stocks that I discussed were large caps.

        Here are posts concerning JAG in responds to a poster friend.

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        by amobear30 •May 9, 2012 10:51 AM .

        newscentral2002 • May 9, 2012 1:46 PM
        Sorry, I just got up. I sent an email to Joe Terranova. I had mentioned that there was a fund manager that Joe would not talk to about JAG. He turned his head away when this guy was on the show about two months ago. The fund manager in my opinion had set a pump and dump. It was known that this fund started selling their shares two days later. I will call the clearinghouse to get faxes of some past trading. I will get back to you. I have not followed JAG weekly. I have never owned shares. Less

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        by amobear30 •May 9, 2012 10:51 AM .

        newscentral2002 • May 9, 2012 4:01 PM

        I failed to mention that changes were also adjusted with your future operating statements as in regards to their SEC filing. It is going to take a year or longer before positive (if any) solid value takes place. I would place M&A at only 20%. Because of long term debt and future payments due - the buyout price would not be high. Less

    • hold2sell,

      You have a history of one post with your ID.
      You have no credibility.

      I make my own decisions about investing.

      Did you follow someone else's?
      I guess at least you have the trading account and made the trades.
      But, you want to blame someone else.

      maybe you should not be an investor until you get some "big boy" pants and can take responsibility for your own actions.
      Go cry to your mommy.
      not on this message board.

    • Never posted on the JAG board and never owned it. Was once asked a question about it - and didn't have much too say one way or the other. I thought that put protection was needed for anyone owning shares. In other words - not for better or worse. Now SLW, oh YES, I said buy, and buy at 3.00. SLW made myself and others a lot of money. I posted that I sold SLW at 48.00.

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