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  • canine_cunning canine_cunning Jun 9, 2013 9:33 PM Flag

    seeking alpha article should massacre EXK monday


    although the focus of the attack is on Alexco, the bottom line is that all silvers are dying, some faster than others, and I see no way for EXK to survive the silver bear as the metal continues its neverending dive.

    the seeking alpha article is just another negative piece of silver news in an avalanche of ongoing negative news.

    you best buy a heavy position of in the money EXK puts on monday morning as it should dive through the entire week, then crash into close of year.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • 2 day old ID with 27 posts bashing precious metal stocks.

      check out this posters history....

      not worth replying to.

    • Seeking Alpha, the sell side anybody can write an article posing as news media, website?
      Ok. Yeah.

      Reality is miners can adjust to the adjusting price of metals. As it falls you get less of it.
      They were in business before at these price levels you forget.

      They just will not be able to satisfy the near insatiable demand for the product as the price is held down.

      If you know your history, what happens to markets when price controls are exerted?

      They blow up in alternate markets and other aspects of industry suffer unforeseen side-effects.

      The FED and its cartel have paved the way for what I think will be a bombardment of Black Swans.


      Stay away from margin.

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      • 2 Replies to jwtechy
      • Caveate, some miners may not successfully stay afloat if the price suppression persists, but Endeavor and its superior management team will not be one of those. It amazes me no end the mass deception being perpetrated on the American People by the mainstream media. They try and create an illusion of recovery and end up pushes folks away from one of the few tools that could have been the instrument of people's own personal financial survival.

        While the rest of the world acquires and builds real wealth by literally hording precious metals ahead of the coming storm.

        Is this pure stupidity on the part of the "American" elite? or simply one task checked off in the longer term "agenda 21" based plan?

        What do you think?

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    • bruisersampson Jun 9, 2013 10:17 PM Flag

      I cant tell if You are a short or just don't like EXK or Silver mining stocks in general but this is how I Look at it. EXK is going to continue to grow and eventually become a higher valued stock. You might be correct that it drops to a Lower price which is fine with me. I will feel Like I am shopping at KMART and the " Blue Light " is Flashing SALE ... SALE....SALE and I will Buy ......Buy ......Buy

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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