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  • jwtechy jwtechy Jun 11, 2013 4:57 PM Flag

    Little Bit of a Roller Coaster - With no Clear FED Endgame

    For silver anyway. There is a good chance they are positioning gold to not be a factor in the currency migration of the one world.
    Or they need it cheap because it will be. Silver I don't think they care about other than as a weapon of psychology against the commoners (us). Besides its easy to knock down silver because the market is so low and because the masses are convinced that the "paper" price is unimportant.

    That last point may be our Achilles heel. The last time silver was at this very price (mid April plunge) joe retail paid huge premiums over spot, upwards of ten bucks. Now ofcourse we know dealer inventory has turned and the dealer could careless about price integrity as long as he gets his cut. So the physical prices have dropped now consistent with the "paper" no one thought they should care about.

    Bottom line is "they are winning and will win". They no longer fear discovery as all know and no one can prove or undo there blatant intervention. So at a minimum they will kill all investor demand and actually create real supply as folks start unstacking their stacks that they bought at higher levels.

    They will only likely let the price rise to keep just enough miners in business to meet industrial demand.

    So what does that say about the coming collapes? Absolutely nothing. The collapse is coming and rates will continue to creep up as the smart money continues exiting Tbonds ahead of the FED withdrawal from QE. They could probably take some last giant batch of fiat and buy the 6000 tonnes of gold they are suppose to have with gold back to 300 bucks or so. Who knows. At this point I don't think its worth the fight. Definitely smaller silver miners are targeted for extinction.

    I hope I'm wrong...but there are better ways to play the pseudo end, than fighting the criminals in the central bank. If we had unlimited salaries maybe we could fight...but we don't. Our funds are backed by labor.

    EXK is too close to my re-entry price to not book profits. jw

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