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  • warmcamp warmcamp Jun 19, 2013 6:21 PM Flag

    Good luck

    I have decided to discontinue posting on this board. It is mostly because of current market conditions causing me to re-consider portfolio policies and discontinue trading in this stock.

    However, I feel obliged to make a note. It is exclusively for good and sane people that I believe lurk around this board. It is quite transparent that this place has “board police”, most likely one designated person using multiple IDs to proscribe (by making numerous thumbs down) messages posted by people whom he dislikes and endorse (by making numerous thumbs-up) messages posted by those he likes.

    This is kind of unfortunate situation that killed too many Yahoo message boards. It will result inevitably in place where reasonable people with open minds won’t post their messages. At the end every good person will lose, because it will be impossible to expect any honest and reasonable message; situation won’t stay at present level it will deteriorate.

    Anyway, besides making the warning above, I would like to express my gratitude to all good posters and lurkers here. I wish you the best investment results with EXK. This is relatively good stock, imho. Situation is difficult. Use all your abilities and get some luck too. Hopefully, silver investment will win at the end.

    PS: please be advised that I will not reply to any message in this thread so making replies here is not necessary. Good luck.

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    • You should pay no attention to the thumbs down or the thumbs up. You should pay attention to the logic of the arguments you are making. Get that right and it makes pretty much no substantial difference what people think of what you say. Being overly concerned with the opinons of others to the detriment of facts is a sign of an ego problem.

    • You don't seem to get many thumbs down. We had a disagreement (5 weeks ago when you started regular posting) in relation to EXK mines and future production sites, like the TR vein system which I like. Corporate has just released a statement saying this will be a producer. I started to get thumbs down the minute that I disagreed with you and on all my posts since, here or there - you received many thumbs up with that. I said that was strange and more. You also have a friend and we know who he is. Whenever someone disagrees with him or YOU there is red forever that extends to many boards. You know about his part in this. Your friend has a post on another board mentioning - it is needed to destroy the strong posters to takeover a board. Really who cares. Other bashers here don't bother to give thumbs down.

      Another problem that we had from you was when you first came here to talk to Stevie, talking about others from another pm board. They came here bashing and I can't blame them because you had started a discussion about them on another pm board, this board - a no no.

      I think that you are intelligent, I will credit you for that.

    • Hard to argue leaving this stock. Can't see any sustained rally until after a final washout when the Fed finally gives up QU, which now looks like at least 6 to 12 months. Until then it likely will just trend sideways or down. No inflation. No technical support this side of 88 cents. I have been hoping for a big bounce since it broke $7--and I hoped it had enough support and intrinsic value at $4 to stop the collapse.....

      Sentiment: Hold

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