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  • wimuskyfisherman wimuskyfisherman Aug 15, 2013 2:14 PM Flag

    Hypothetical Question

    If the fed says taper on in September, how would that affect EXK and PMs?

    If the fed back pedals and says no taper in September, how would that affect EXK and PMs?

    Right now I think we are seeing the effect of an assumed taper. Stocks falling and PMs rising??? Lets hear your opinions?

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    • Thanks for the responses!

    • Another reason Fed won't rush to taper is because rates will run up and US won't be able to afford the debt bill unless the economy is cooking along with GDP of 3.5+. If rates get away from them it will scar the dollar deeply. IMO, that is when China and/or Russia will attack the dollar with gold backed Yuan or ruble. All good for PM longer term. GLTY!

    • Stocks, bonds, and commodities other than gold all rose in union over the past few years. My bet is on an unwinding of that trade.

      I see no value in treasuries, no value in corporate bonds, no value in equities, and no value in municipal bonds.

      I do see value in gold, so that is where I am. Without leverage. Patiently waiting.
      Per Mish Shedlock...
      You decide.

    • If the Fed tapers, it will be a modest taper, the Fed wants to keep interest rates low, so
      they will keep tapering to the tune of say at least $75 billion a month.
      If they do much tapering it will cause the markets to sell off, and the Fed doesn't want that.
      My guess is that don't start tapering for a few more months at least.

      Gold and silver seem like they are headed higher with or without tapering,
      Both are starting to break-out, all the price suppression has done is stimulate
      demand for physical gold and silver, so that's what's driving the metals higher,
      just strong demand and very tight supply. JMO. Don't overthink it.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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