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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Oct 21, 2013 4:48 PM Flag

    EXK up nicely today...

    EXK up today but on lower volume. Tomorrow the delayed NFP for September will be released. Although it is a highly manipulated statistic, it receives special consideration by the FED. And thus, tapering talk may come into play tomorrow. We shall see.

    But as Marc Faber says on a CNBC interview today, the FED will never taper. The real question for the FED in coming months, according to Faber, is whether to increase QE to $100 billion, $200 billion, or $1 trillion per month. Obviously, increases in QE will result in higher prices for "real" assets such as gold and silver. EXK will do fine.

    If NFP are below expectations, EXK should get another boost tomorrow. If our stock rises, I'd like to see increased buying volume!

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    • EXK up nicely again and volume is tremendous! Jobs numbers did not disappoint....for PM holders. Next month's should be equally disappointing and with another looming debt ceiling closer on the horizon, I expect metal prices to continue rising.

      I wonder how long it will take to get some feedback on the "unexpected" cost overruns on Obamacare. "Signups" by the healthy young as well as price-shocked older folks are not doing so well. So, we've been told, Obamacare won't make financial sense unless the optimistic government projections of "forced" signups are met....and with all the software flaws in the system...we know those projections are not being met. So what are those costs adding up to? Just how significant will they be?

      Nothing like raising the rate of deficit spending just as another debt ceiling approaches. And we learn that the "workforce" continues to shrink. Add to that dismal feature the realization that many full time jobs are transforming into part time jobs as that workforce shrinks.

      You gotta hang onto your PM investments as they are likely to rise like a phoenix from their recent pile of ashes. GLTA

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      • A platinum plan for a family in Wisconsin will have an average monthly premium $1,429.54, while a mid-level silver plan will have a $924.92 average monthly premium. If you live in California, you better have the platinum plan. Gee, some neighbors down the street from me are living in a 695,000 home and get medical coverage for free. They came to this country in April and don't have jobs, but they wear leather clothes and drive expensive cars. Another person has told me that her employer cut her hours to part time due to Obamacare.

    • I too would like to see more volume. I will add to my position if I see evidence of sustained accumulation.

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