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  • quailrunrd quailrunrd Dec 16, 2013 1:44 PM Flag

    What is the Federal Reserve's greatest fear?

    The Fed's greatest fear is that they lose control over interest rates. Unfortunately for the Fed, they have reset the dynamic for markets during their recent history of QE which started in 2008 and which there is no way out. They will definitely lose their grip on interest rates and that event will soon happen. The taper talk is just a sideshow according to Daniel Ammerman in a "must read" but lengthy article ("Taper & Quantitative Easing Reality Check") found in the 321Gold website which discusses in relatively easy language the course the Fed has set for this country and perhaps the world.

    When the financial collapse arrives, most investors in bonds and stocks will lose nearly everything. Precious metals and mining companies should retain value. I can't emphasize enough how this article will open everyone's eyes as to just how the Fed is supporting the banking industry at the cost of the country. And Ammerman repeatedly points out how those "banksters" have pocketed huge bonuses even during the down years. However, the aim of this article is at the Fed and not the bankers.

    Does this article have any relevance to EXK? Neither EXK nor other PM investments are mentioned in the article but when the system goes down, EXK is sure to rocket higher. Everyone expects writers such as Ammerman to put their feet to the fire and predict a time frame for the coming collapse. That, of course, is the nature of today's minute by minute investor. Suggest a "collapse" date so they can ponder whether they should hedge the event or ridicule the author when the "collapse" does not arrive right on schedule. Ammerman doesn't make any predictions but when you read the article and review his evidence, you are left believing the system is extremely close to a "fat tail" event in bringing the house of cards down.

    Yes! I'll hold onto every ounce of silver and gold that I well as my miner stocks. GLTA

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