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  • wallstbull72 wallstbull72 Jan 17, 2014 11:42 AM Flag

    Question of the day

    Great board, enjoy all of the info and discussion.
    Just sitting here debating with myself. I should sell on this strength with the hope of jumping back in when(if) it sells off again. I’ve built up a significant position over the last few months, cost basis 4.40 and really feel good about the long term prospects of EXK.
    Do I wanna try to play the timing game…

    Also, MUX might be worth taking a look. Build a position there below 2 bucks. Well run, do some DD.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Perhaps you should have a set target price and not sell until it hits that target? That is if you are just looking to make a little bit of cash. It isn't sounding like you are wanting to invest here, just flip it for a trade. So as soon as you feel comfortable and making a profit, sell into that strength. The companies that I "invest" in have a core share holding and I trade around that core. Of course selling into strength as the PPS permits. For example, I start an initial core purchase by buying EXK @ $6 and then buy shares #$%$ and $4. When the price hits $5, I will sell my shares purchased @4 and then when it gets to $6, sell my $5 shares and let the rest ride the trend out. Hopefully to do it all over again, even if I have to change where my core holding is. Like buy shares @ $7 and sell the shares bought @$6, to make $7 my new core holdings. I hope you make some cash. Been awhile since this sector has rallied, as many longs know... Peace

    • Well, if my cost basis was 4.40, I would sit on it until you exceed that point. If it keep going up, let her ride but put in some stops so if it should drop, you will save your profit. Be careful and don't place your stops to close to the price as a MM may take you out!

    • Wallstreet- Here's my two cents worth. The space was clobbered in 2013. Since the new year, the share price is up twenty five plus per cent and trending up. The trend, while a fickle fellow in the past, is your friend. IN MY OPINION, why not allow it to play out? Of course the call is yours to make. No one knows for sure the direction of metal prices but we longs are positive, that's why we're long. At $20 silver we're making money, at $25 we're making a lot of money, at $30 we're making a significant amount of money ($100 plus million). Not pie in the sky numbers, based on a very conservative 12 million SEO for 2014.

    • check historical price on yahoo. We have rallied to 5 a few times to fall back. What is the sayiny. You don't go broke taking profits

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