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  • bladerobo bladerobo Jan 27, 2014 11:18 AM Flag

    After the 52 week low

    on 6-26-13 the following recoveries. 8-27-13 to 5.93-10-24-13 recovery to 5.04 and the 1-23-14 recovery to 4.74

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    • A few months ago, I had bought up a discussion directed to 'Mainman' about tpd plant capacity for both El Cubo and Bolanitos. Brad has just answered this question, saying that they plan to ramp-up production at El Cubo and reduce at Bolanitos. He said that "management has elected not to continue extra mine production for processing at the El Cubo plant as it did in 2013". He mentioned contracts with smelters which would be cheaper in this environment.

      I had talked about La Luz / Villalpando-Asuncion from mapping being rich in deposits. They plan this year to open connecting vein systems leading to Asuncion. This is Brad's plan: "At El Cubo, production will continue primarily from the Dolores, Villalpando, San Nicolas and Santa Cecilia veins as well as the emerging new Villalpando- Asunción deposit. At Guanaceví, production will continue primarily from the Porvenir Norte, Porvenir Cuatro and Santa Cruz veins. Underground development of the new Milache discovery is awaiting permitting for development to start in 2014 and production to start in 2015. At Bolañitos, production will continue primarily from the Daniela, Karina, Lana and Bolañitos veins and mine development will open up the La Luz- Asunción deposit.

      What, how and when - the direction that management is taking is so pleasing. Pad the books with Asuncion and then hit some of those rich gold veins within the TR vein system. We will become an emerging star. When externals fall in place, all the better. This should be still be looked at as a 2-3 year plan, but this year could be $$. We'll see.

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      • How excited is Brad dumping 80,000 common shares over the last couple months?

      • Thru the use of regular mapping, Google or Bing, one can see the vast amounts of prime mining locations within all districts where EXK owns real estate. Much of this has been previously discussed by management, geology reporting ( some which must be requested from geological agencies / sources - satellite mapping) or thru the Micon reports, (once on the website) - which with searchable references total - 100's of pages.

        I estimate thru source that EXK owns between 110-120 veins. Several of these veins are long and deep. Three veins should have huge amounts of gold. We are heading in the direction of two this year (Asuncion) and extended Santa Cruz. It looks like they will be at the door for both this year. TR -2, has surface assay diamond drilling results (gold) and it's almost a geological given that there's more deeper.

        Our biggest journey problem is cash, but that shouldn't be beyond 12 - 18 months. Another problem (internally for many mining companies) - which is a reflection of supply economics is governments, industries, banks and other commodity manipulators. I'm looking forward for strong results in the 4th and steadiness until then. 2016 should be the beginning of major cash to the bank and into our pockets. Although you never know, a geo news release could send the stock up high at any time.

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