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  • rebeccaha2014 rebeccaha2014 Jun 22, 2014 9:46 PM Flag

    exk was oversold on 6/20? which time frame Mr newscentral

    school me.

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    • Did anyone notice the Zack's article warning that the run up may be over due to Friday's sell off. Seem's that many are eager to turn off the lights. Here's the thing, many, including some longs have been using the stock as a trading vehicle. They have been doing well trading the channel. Good for them if they can make some profit doing so. The possibility that traders with a belief in the value of this company may have to contend with is what happens if you buy at 4 sell at 5 and the stock runs up significantly higher. Do you chase or wait for the retrenchment. Say you wait and the share price continues higher. What a conundrum. One thing though, you probably made some profits on the trades and that of course is a good thing. Also, you're in a good position if you stayed long in your investment account as many have done. Personally, I find it too difficult to be a seller at $5 when I believe the value to be significantly higher, but that's me. I say this despite acknowledging the possibility of making profits channel trading. Since making profits is our goal, my thoughts are that I am willing to forgo the $1 or so profit on each turn around transactions in the hopes for a higher return should the share price rise significantly. You ask, how are you doing so far thinking that way. My response, not so good so far BUT, my belief is that the Fat Lady hasn't yet sung so the party is still on. been in the dog house so long that I've grown a tail. Some if not many may be thinking, what the heck is he smoking. The truth is, I will become a seller if and when I am convinced that the metals won'tmake a comeback

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      • Yep, the weak hands have folded, and it's just the really stubborn guys that are holding on tight, that's probably as true today as ever...

        I can't bring myself to sell EXK either, but if the shares run over 10% in a single day may have to rethink that, because the stock almost almost always come back down after a day like that.

        great post, really enjoyed it mainman, especially the part where you say:

        "been in the dog house so long that I've grown a tail"

        Can so relate to that. This dog's definitely in the doghouse.

        But like you point out, the Fat Lady still ain't started yet so the party is still on!
        Silver is still so cheap, and it's such a thinly traded market;
        it has been pushed so low for so long...

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    • At the end of the day, the price of gold and silver will make or break us. When and if the day arrives I become convinced that metal prices will decline and not recover, I will sell and move on. Despite the severe market correction in metals (silver down sixty per cent from it's high qualifies as severe, I am still convinced that metal prices will recover, possibly making new highs. As to the timeliness of the move, in addition to my investment position, I do from time to time purchase options. My advice to others, although unsolicited, don't. In addition to being right on direction you have to be timely. No easy thing in a market that moves for no apparent reason.

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      • Mainman: I like to swing trade here. I can make better easier money day trading other stuff.

        I agree with you about the risks with options, but I often find apparent reasons these days in directional movement. I follow banking derivatives over the price of silver. This is of small value for a day trade, but it will help in a nice several day swing or up to a few weeks or maybe months. We haven't seen rolling months for a while, but I agree it might happen again.

        Pick something of value, make bets on the future value of "something", add contract & you have a derivative. This is how banks are now playing. They play the reflections on interest rates that reflects the economy as macro. A while ago, I believe that I wrote my best posts about this.

    • I posted at 5.19, then went quickly to 5.28.

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