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  • hsonbergeron hsonbergeron May 8, 2009 12:58 AM Flag

    Here's a new MDVX.OB thread where

    anyone can discuss, ponder the actual fundamentals. We'll see how long it takes someone to post some sort of off topic, personal slag. And that will be quite a tell.

    How does a company like this support 50+ employees on under 3 million in sales?

    When will we hear of the selling of more shares?

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    • Hey dude, go away. Obviously by your continuous ranting about nothing, you are bored. This message board is supposed to be for investors to share information. All is see is you spending your entire day hoping somebody will respond to you!

    • Sometimes a blind squirelly finds a nut. I bought some more shares today.

    • From the SEC... and other assorted State governmental authorities....

      Investor Alerts & Tips

      Micro-cap Fraud
      Micro-cap fraud is similar to the penny stock fraud that was prevalent in the 1980`s. Micro-cap stocks are shares in companies that are not well-established, have a small amount of shares in public hands (also known as "thinly traded" shares) and often trade at less than $5.00 per share. Investors are particularly at risk to micro-cap fraud given that in recent years many have come to expect investment returns exceeding 25%. Micro-cap stocks often trade on the OTC Bulletin Board, the Pink Sheets, or the Pink Sheets Electronic Quotation Service, and are often too small to be traded on the stock exchanges or Nasdaq. Because they are not subject to the listing standards and reporting requirements of an exchange or Nasdaq, public information is often limited.

      The North American Securities Administrators Association estimates that investors lose over $6 billion a year to investment fraud, including micro-cap fraud schemes. Efforts against micro-cap fraud, by state, industry and federal regulators, have had an impact but the problem remains serious and investors need to be on guard. The following are some examples of the ways in which stock promoters or unscrupulous securities brokers illegally profit in the micro-cap area.

      Internet Fraud - unscrupulous promoters or brokers hype a stock through the use of company Web sites, bulletin boards, chat rooms or on-line investment newsletters.

      • 3 Replies to hsonbergeron
      • Fraud and attempted manipulation like you showing up and saying you were in the courtroom and saw the judges eyes? What would you call this? A BIG FAT LIE trying to manipulate this stock.

      • How to Protect Yourself Against Micro-Cap Fraud.

        Be wary of Internet chat rooms, bulletin boards or unsolicited E-mail messages. The person providing the information may be an unscrupulous stock promoter or broker, or an insider who wants to dump their shares.

        Question micro-cap sales pitches featuring the names of reputable "clearing" broker-dealers. These firms often have no more than a contractual relationship with micro-cap brokers.

        Risk Factors - Read these disclosures very carefully. These contain many of the risks that could adversely affect your investment.

        Management - This information discloses the experience and background of management. Check to make sure, for example, that someone whose sole experience is as the manager of a fast-food franchise is not at the helm of a biomedical research company.

        Company Financial Health - If they are not already deeply in debt, many micro-cap stock companies have little or no capital to work with. They could be using investors' money simply to keep the doors open.

        Read the financial statements and accountant's report provided. If you don't understand them, ask someone who does -- or find another investment.

    • I don't understand how something can't be shortable but there is short interest?

    • then how did you ge these shares short?????magic????

      Short Interest (Shares Short) 51,100
      Days To Cover (Short Interest Ratio) 0.5
      Short Percent of Float %
      Short Interest - Prior 51,700
      Short % Increase / Decrease -1.16 %
      Short Squeeze Ranking™

      % From 52-Wk High ($ 4.19 ) %
      % From 52-Wk Low ($ 1.10 ) %
      % From 200-Day MA ($ 2.05 ) %
      % From 50-Day MA ($ 3.04 ) %
      Price % Change (52-Week) 110.40 %

    • Were you ever long????????

    • Non-Marginable Securities.

      What Does Non-Marginable Securities Mean?

      Securities that cannot be purchased on margin at a particular brokerage or financial institution. Some classes of securities, such as recent initial public offerings (IPOs), over-the-counter bulletin board stocks, and penny stocks, are non-marginable by decree of the Federal Reserve Board.

    • Did you ever own the stock?

    • Note, did anyone answer the question?

      Is it marginable?

      Can you short MDVX.OB?


    • (Not me, son. I'm not short, and have never been short.)

      Then what the heck are you doing except cyber stalking? sally is right, you were long at one time. You should have held, you have nobody to blame for your own mistakes!!

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