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  • Barabbas_ii Barabbas_ii Sep 12, 2011 5:20 PM Flag

    AUGME cancels Rodman & Renshaw presentation

    Spoke with IR and they said AUGME cancelled. Any ideas why they would do that?

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    • jeezzz... if Warn is a basher you could be so lucky... just wait till AUGT actually gets noticed... this board will be unrecognizable for all the BS posts, starting to get there now with all the 5 star “select my website crap advice”…. Put him on ignore if he angers you so… but I also don’t want to hear everything is coming up roses when that ain’t the case…. IP going well, mobile business maybe not as robust as anticipated… nice duality… strangely I like it. But I’m weird like that.

    • Tao,

      I think the best way to describe Wannabee is he never had an opinion he didn't think was the only right answer. You can bang your head against the wall but there is absolutely nothing you can do or say to change his mind. He is the guy who walks in the room and believes he is the expert on every topic. Repeatedly he has admitted to knowing nothing about the legal side of Intellectual Property yet that in no way stops him from putting out opinions. The biggest concern I have about owning Augme stock is the fact he owns it because I have never seen him pick a winner before. I am hoping he sells for the sake of all the rest of us shareholders.


    • Finally....

    • Would the rotation of Earth be adversely affected if Augme's CEO posted a message giving a reason for the withdrawal that had no adverse effect on anything pending?

    • Warn,
      The point is that the ruling WAS NOT baked into the price. The price soared after the ruling and went down after earnings. If there was no earnings announcement we would not be at $3.14 now (closer to $4.). If there was no Markman ruling we would not be at $3.14 now (closer to $2.50). Therefore the statement that the ruling was already baked into the price is obviously incorrect.
      This is not a difficult concept, you are not stupid, I have to believe you are just playing around.

    • His order was a 50k share top yesterday but I don't know if he raised it. This is only one fund I know. My guess is he is still trying to get it lower down at 3. It would not surprise me however if the trader who has the order is in fact trying to keep it here and even leaning on it a little so he can try and fill the large buy order. If you saw who is offered right now, I'd think your guess would be accurate to which firm is representing the buyer. Just my perceptions.

    • sam_osa Sep 13, 2011 2:24 PM Flag

      Arn, newbie here.
      Why do I get the feeling this buyer you were talking about yesterday is busy accumulating the 50k shares today? Rangebound.


    • Just to be clear...this is what I posted on Sept. 3

      "I am anticipating a favorable Markman ruling, but I think the win is already baked into the stock price. It might get a nice bump as the news will attract new, previously unknown to AUGT buyers, but I don't expect it to last. I would consider anything nearing a new 52 week high around $4.70 as terrific."

      You can look it up.

    • Tao....I forget the exact price it was at when I posted re the "priced in" comment. I want to say around $3.10-3.20?? Does that sound right. I said in that very same post that a new 52 wk high was my highest expectation which would be around $4.70.
      Last Tuesday, in the morning the stock crumbled down to around $2.95 or so. The Markman news hit and the stock went up about 25% to $3.60's...correct? That night we were all happy and expected follow through and I believe I again mentioned the 52 wk high area as my upside expectation. I got some ragging about my "priced in" comment. All fine and dandy.

      Of course we all know what happened and the stock has now returned essentially to it's pre Markman price.

      I'm at least encouraged that you (some others don't seem to want to admit this) concede that the qtrly est. was bad and bad for the stock and that we're lucky not to be at $2.50...which I agree we might very well be at without Markman. In the end, we got positive Markman and we havn't gotten the bump we were all expecting. It isn't even as high as I thought it would get.'s all about the lawsuits. That's where the action will come from. Ciao again, baby.

    • It is a matter of perception. Warn believes that the result of the Markman hearing is fully baked into the current PPS. Others, such as myself, respectfully disagree. I believe that while Warn and others may agree that the Markman hearing's immediate impact has been observed as preventing AUGT from retreating below the current price, the actual impact and value of this decision has yet to have been appreciated.

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