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  • jt81508 jt81508 Nov 23, 2011 5:05 PM Flag

    MSFT Buying Yahoo?

    If this the AUGT legal action against Yahoo will affect the ongoing discussions with Judge Spero in SF? Thanks. Hang on

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    • Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Warn.

      Despite it having been a tough year in the market, our investment in Augme being no exception, I firmly believe the company's shares have seen their low. As mentioned previously, I've been a consistent buyer recently. I'd urge you to consider the same.

      I'd suggest that anyone who liked the company enough to buy shares higher, should really be thrilled at the current opportunity. The company we now own is many times improved compared to the company we originally invested in, they literally aren't even comparable, not even in the same class.

      While you and I may never see exactly eye to eye on some things, know that I do respect the fact you stand up for what you believe and you say what you think.

      As much as you might not like to believe it, I predict you and I become a little more like minded going forward. In fact I'm already sensing a subtle change in you as of late. I think despite your disapointment in the stock price, shared by us all, you are starting to subtly acknowledge a little of the fundamantal progress being made by the company over recent months. Specifically, I think your comment the other day, "I won't deny that if they get to $38 mil in sales next year that this won't be around $8-10." is not only true, but could eventually prove uncanningly accurate.

      I foresee the balance of the year and 2012 being a year where the company proves us both right, sufficiently rewarding our patience. I think I can speak for us both when I suggest this as something we both look forward to.


    • Spetty that quote was Warn backing off his original post/point that there would be no deal and even if there was the SEC would not allow it. Only stocktrader, in a later post, implied that this lawsuit might affect a possible buyout, I didn't, nor did anyone Warn then went on talking about how an Augt settlement would not hurt Yahoo or Msft because they are so large ( like VHC) Everyone replied who cares about how it affects them, it only matters how it affects us.
      Bottom line our lawsuit against Yahoo looks better today than it did yesterday and that is all that matters to us.

    • It may not stop a buy out but it could impact the buy out price. If Augme proves that Yahoo is using their patented technology and there is a chance that Yahoo will not be allowed to target ads what is the impact to the value of Yahoo? It could certainly knock a few billion of the sale price which may or may not be material in the overall scheme of things. Whether its MSFT or one of the other rumored suitors I would certainly want to know about it.

    • Thank you, Spetty. Sorry to drag you into this.

      Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    • Read the thread again. I think this comment he made is pretty much sums it up:

      "YHOO/MSFT will not hook up. Even if they do the AUGT/YHOO flap won't affect it."

      Make sense now? Someone basically posed the question what impact the Augme/Yahoo! case would have on Microsoft potentially buying out Yahoo!, IMO implying that Yahoo! may have to settle with Augme to clear the way for such a buyout. Warn said that in his opinion Microsoft will not buy Yahoo! out, but even if they did, the Augme/Yahoo! case wouldn't be a roadblock to such a buyout and wouldn't need to be settled IF a buyout were to take place. It's really not that complicated if you follow the thread.

    • Warn made it clear, that in his opinion, there would be no Yahoo/Microsoft deal, So any AUGT affect on the deal would be irrelevant, so that could not be his point, unless he was saying two completely opposite things simultaneously.

    • I think what warn was referring to is that Augme's lawsuit against Yahoo! won't have an impact on a potential Microsoft/Yahoo! deal (i.e. Yahoo! wouldn't have to settle with Augme for a deal to be consummated because the amount of money wouldn't be material to a company like Microsoft as another poster alluded to).

    • exactly right

    • Why exactly does it matter if it's a blip on MSFT/YHOO's radar? Aren't we all invested in Augme? So if Augme won a billion dollars from a company with many billions you wouldn't care because they have many more billions left? I don't care how much cash anyone has. I just want to know how much they will pay Augme b/c we're all Augme investors...not necessarily Microsoft/Yahoo investors.

    • Wannabee,

      You are also the guy who thinks if they do $38M in revenues next year that the stock will be in the $8-10 range. I think a 4 bagger over the next year works for me and then the IP is just an Embedded call option that could take us much higher.


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