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  • obiyobikobi obiyobikobi Nov 23, 2011 5:53 PM Flag

    MSFT Buying Yahoo?

    Live in a cave? Not to long ago Microsoft offered 44B for Yahoo! Seems Material to me.

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    • MSFT won't be buying YHOO....not unless YHOO gives themselves away.

      SEC will kill this deal. Only 2 search companies? GOOG and BING/YHOO...I can't believe they would allow it.

      No settlement with AUGT will occur as a result of this. AUGT suit is a pimple on the butt of these two companies. Even the VHC dispute didn't affect MSFT. It's nice to think...but......

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      • Every time I read your posts, I find myself thinking just how fortunate we are that we have someone here who knows something about everything. Excuse me maybe I should say everything about everything.

        Your comment about the VHC suit not affecting Microsoft doesn't even make sense, Microsoft was not and has never been the subject of acquisition speculation therefore I don't understand your point or even see the relevance.

      • Actually Warn I pretty much agree with you. The SEC under Obama and the Dem appointees doesnt like buyouts or mergers, especially when they percieve it makes a company stronger than its competitors. Its not in their belief system. So if MSFT bought Yahoo, it would go under SEC scrutiny and a very good chance it would be nixed.
        Also the AUGT lawsuit does indeed have no relevence to this, its a pimple on an elephant. So MSFT may make the attempt, but it will have no relevence to the AUGT settlement either way, and in the end the SEC likely kills it.

      • I agree Augt is small potatoes to MSFT/YHOO, but how that status is an impediment to a settlement I do not understand.
        And yes the VHC settlement didn't affect MSFT much, but I think it kinda affected VHC.