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  • ifly88888888 ifly88888888 Jan 12, 2012 11:27 AM Flag

    So while we await our stock to appreciate

    anyone want to tout another holding they like?
    This grass is growing too slowly on AUGT..

    I will kick off a tout.... of us drink a cup or two..low PE..second largest chain next to Starbucks.....good times or bad times does not matter.

    I've been in it since $11+ now $15. Personally in a year I think based on my analysis it could be $23-$25..if not bought out before then!

    ...who's next to tout? Come on stand up and be counted. Gives us something to read while awaiting news from Arena and the boys and girls. 31,000

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    • cbou now $17+

    • OPWV looks interesting too. They are actively selling part of their business, apparently to monitize some of their 200+ mobile-related patents. Could see an announcement in the next couple of months, possibly sooner though as they have been in negotiations for some time at this point.

    • esph.ob. They got alot of attention when BP had their problems in the gulf area. Since then they have been busy. It may be a good play on the natural gas, shale, fracking segment. Interesting company. Obviously one needs to do their homework before investing.

    • I just shorted LinkedIn (LNKD) about a week ago - this company is not facebook. And a new competitor is about to take a chunk from their market share in social networking.

      from my DD, i think this is vastly overpriced. and i anticipate that the market will turn south for a small correction soon. i'm planning to cover my short around $30-35.


    • depends on what type of trader or long term investor u are. for me i like to look at sectors that are being punished but have history and good products. right now i have begun to buy the shippers
      ,most are at 52 week lows and if u belive the economy is going to get better not worse then take a look . create a small basket of a few names and hold them . i do like the oil shippers and with the talk of iran closeing the shipping lanes it could prvide an even better buying op. i would also look at the natty gas folks in the near future, with the mild winter ,huge gas supplies and prices in the gas not seen for years the red lines will appear on the books causing prices to drop. this will shut down production always causing prices to go back up. so i look for the blood in the streets type of plays.

    • depends on if/when they throw it up there again. They may do the same thing they did today, throw it up there at what they think is an opportune time (maybe after a large buy clears out some of the overhead resistance like what happened today) to try to keep a lid on it. Whoever it was didn't want out oo bad because they didn't dump the shares to try to knock the price down. What will be interesting is if we get a big buy again tomorrow, they throw it out there again and someone snatches it up. That's when it could start to get interesting.

    • Bet its gone tomorrow spetty.

    • I Picked up 30K of SSL.V at .77. It trades on the Toronto exchange and under the above symbol on the NYSE (I believe). Forgive my lack of exact figures. Time doesn't permit me right now to review the DD I had done on this issue. What I like about it is first of all it's CEO is the former CFO of SLW. I LOVE that business model. The company provides the capital and the precious metal prices per ounce are fixed. From memory, I believe their highest committment is 450.00/oz of gold and 350.00 is their lowest. They have four active mines and just began production at the Ming Mine scheduled to be fully o[perational by the end of fiscal 2012. I was unable to get financials on yahoo, but they have four analysts, two strong buy, one buy and one hold for a consensus of 1.8. They earned .05/share in fiscal 11' with a P/E 0f 24 and consensus estimates for next year are .10. But, if at all accurate, look at their guidance going forward.It estimates some pretty impressive results as they increase their output and execute new deals. Yahoo, does however provide all of the company releases for drilling results at various locations and some of the most recent findings are pretty astounding. Sorry, I don't have time for more accurate details, but keep in mind, it's just beginning to mature, the man at the helm is SLW's former CFO. He may know a thing or two about structuring these deals and the lower risks in which to do so. I see the dollar as worthless now, so I'm looking at some junior mines and this caught my attention. Check it out. It has not only been good to me thus far, it has been reasonably stable. Good Luck. Mick. P.S. As someone once poignantly remarked, when their talking about it at the cocktail party, it's already too late.

    • Couldn't be. There's an Antimony, Utah

    • it might

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