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  • motorcitymadhouse1970 motorcitymadhouse1970 Mar 12, 2012 5:10 PM Flag

    Intrinsic value of Aug?; ( buyout??)

    Let say , as an article suggested that FB buys Aug for all the IP ( and Hipcricket ...of course, but put that to the side)

    If Augt really is in the right for those patents then whoever owns Augt would of course have a lawsuit AGAINST ALL THOSE OTHER COMPANIES WHO AUG says have infringed/ damaged Augt

    What price could be affixed to this?

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    • Siri, I actually see us in total agreement on the value of the core business AND the value of the IP (yet to be more definitively determined as the legal processes play themselves out). I did not specifically mention that the two acquired companies above did not have much if any IP because I was trying to keep the variables so confined. The IP is definitely the huge potential here, although the core business isn't exactly chopped liver!! I have been, and still am, totally confident this stock is going higher; the only question is how high and how soon. Take care, and also, thanks for your insight into the space!!

    • Ski,

      QCOM example is actually very fitting and I would argue that Augme IP is as valuable if not much more (we will see in next 3-5 years) then CDMA. Now as someone who has designed entire international private networks for the Government with over 3000 nodes using fiber optic backbone with terrestrial, satellite, and wireless access at some hard to reach areas I can tell you that CDMA technology has competition that can do what it does in a different way such as GSM and now Wimax. Once we get our first settlement/win on our foundational IP then we can raise the wall on the competition because there is no other way to do what Augme's covers.

    • moto,

      I have commented on this several times.....per augme management last year when Paul joined us and the upper management got shaken out, he mentioned that based on number of companies infringing on our IP they "conservatively" estimate that our net present value of the 3 initial IPs are about $5-6B....god knows how much the additional IPs are worth but I am sure with Ip Capital and GP running the show they will go after every dime....

      There poster here that consistently focusing on "current" price. This is synonymous with proverbial "missing the forest for the three" when it comes to the potential that is Augme. This value will catch up with price eventually...just need to patient.

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      • Sirus,

        I agree too, well said...

        Then why does the market do not recognize it. The only answer is The Market that has a low belief that Augme can prevail in court.

        I can only say that most of the value of the US is in its Intelectual property. I therefore believe that on that basis The market is selling Augme short.

        Long and Strong (Added at 2.00 last friday)

      • Sirius...let me make sure I understand what you are saying.

        You think (agree?)AUGT is now worth $6 billion dollars? So, if my math is correct, you are saying(believing)that one share of our stock is/should be "conservatively valued" at $63 a share?

        Why do "YOU" think it is only $2+ and all the smart people on Wall Street are missing this?

        Gosh I hope you are right..that would make our value almost on par with Chrysler --almost a third the size of Yahoo...etc etc...

        So, some company should offer us $50 a share and it would be a steal??

        Hard to understand really is!

      • oy vey sirius!
        "per augme management last year when Paul joined us..." you are kidding right? they have put several numbers out there for all to see and haven't gotten one right. but this one you are going to hang your hat on? have a beer on me and put down the kool-aid for a bit. I get it, you are all in, but have some sense of reality here. I am long too, but settle down. you're going to scare the young.
        and it's "can't see the forest through the trees."
        best of luck