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  • luvlongbeach1988 luvlongbeach1988 May 8, 2012 11:37 AM Flag

    Cash burn dissapating

    On target to break even by year end.

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    • I have been told by a good source that he was a former employee of Augme. He has never responded to my questions when I ask him about it. That speaks volumes to me!

    • You really think he is an ex employee. Whatever it is, he is jaded as they come. You just never know, he could easily be someone involved with a company they sued too. I noticed similarities in the way he and that farmer guy write. Same mispellings and same sentence structure. They mispelled the exact same words in posts today. I suppose they could be both equally illiterate and uneducated but that seems like too much of a coincidence.

    • I bet you got a "tour" by security as they walked you out the door for the last time as an employee. Pretty embarassing, huh tim.quoc?

    • farmer, dont even waste your time calling the company. just like when the shrill said oh go and get a tour and see and talk to some of their employees and see just how good thing are. that turned out to be totally bogus and a sham cus they said they don't do tours. they won't answer any questions cus they don't have any!! What a shrill/con game. LMAO!!!

    • xtj,

      It all depends on the licensing deals and how big they are. Plus, I am cautiously optimistic about those but would not bet on them. They were at 11 million cash as of March 1 so they're probably around ~8 mil right now and will probably be around 7 when June ends. I am assuming by end of September they'll be at 3-4 and if that is the case with no licensing agreements I can see a dilution. The August CC will be VERY important to see how much cash they have on hand.

      As far as the multiyear deals, you're right he never mentioned size. But I'd go conservative and assume say 10-15 million and realizing 2 million a year. One of those would not save them at this point I don't think. You would need a couple.

    • Michael,

      They also said they thought they would sign additional licensing deals this year which would likely mean they wouldn't need to raise more money. Plus there are other ways to raise money. At this point being debt free is very nice for a company at this stage of development.

      You may also want to relisten to the part where Ivan talked about potential multiyear deals. He never mentioned size. They could easily be 8-10M/year over multiyears. That would be a game changer as he said.


    • Plus looking at cash burn and stock price, I doubt they would dilute us by more than 15-20 million shares which brings us to like 110-120 million which isn't THAT bad.

    • I agree, its likely they will. But thats not necessarily deadly or even a price killer. Many companies dilute their shares and the stock doesnt take a big hit.

    • At 33:29 they basically said they were looking to go out and raise more money...the only question is how...I'm surprised that you would adamantly state that they won't dilute us arn.

    • That could also mean raising money via a loan against the growing receivables....why in the hell at these prices and while they have cash on their hand until the end of this year with rising revenue would the management dilute the shares??? And "when" they close just one of those $10M+ contracts then all this will be mute point.

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