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  • mobileguru20000 mobileguru20000 Jun 22, 2012 9:19 AM Flag

    Augme and Velti

    At current prices, I see both Velti and Augme as undervalued, Augme tremendously. The current price defies logic from my viewpoint. As cheap as Augme shares are compared to what their mobile business should be worth without even taking into account the patents, I remain worried the company is a sitting duck for someone to make a run trying to capitalize on the disparate stock price. I know some are looking. Based on what I'm seeing and hearing in the space, I'm looking for a good Q2 for the company showing increased traction in revenues, bookings and backlog. I think some who post here were only a quarter early in their expectations and weren't mindful of the quarter being the slowest in ad spending. Compared to piers Augme was the best of the bunch financially speaking with both MM and VELT seeing sequential decreases in revenue. I would really like to see the company get listed preferably on Nasdaq where it belongs but that requires a $4 number from what I understand. I think their current listing is the only thing really holding the company back from a proper value more in line with its mobile peer group. If this stock was on Nasdaq, it would easily be trading much higher than current levels imo.

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    • And I agree about "people in general" tend to be optimists. I was just emphasizing that investors in BB stocks are probably the most optimistic of the optimists---LOL.

    • hfb,

      I'm not only saying people who invest in small companies are optimistic; I'm saying people in general. It's just so easy to think everything is going good. That's why no one likes to write wills, people can go without buying insurance, CALPERS and other state pension funds thought they would get 7% returns forever, etc. B/C who wants to play it "safe?" The popular saying going around right now is "YOLO" (you only live once). Therefore people go all crazy and always expect the best, instead of hoping for the best, expecting the worst.

      Then when things go wrong everyone goes crazy and get scared and make stupid decisions ie buy high sell low. I guess it's a good thing for the pessimists b/c they can take advantage of the situations. All in all, I'm just waiting for December/January...I should be able to get an answer on if Augme is worth something substantial or not long as McMahon doesn't lose the docket this time around...and even if she does we got Spero. By this time next year I expect we'll all know who was right....the "pumpers" or the "bashers." Either way, it will be a FUN RIDE! Don't you guys love bb stocks?

    • Michael, I tend to agree with your premise. Most people who invest in small companies by definition are optimists, or they would not invest in companies perceived to carry as much "risk". Most of the people who are referred to as "pumpers" are simply believers in the story, and most of them have done considerable DD; I know I have. And while so far the optimists have been "wrong" as defined by the movement of the stock price, this story is far from over. We are only the next Q report or a pleasant "surprise" from one of the potential catalysts out there, from suddenly being "right" about this company and this stock. That is why I believe in patience, until I see overwhelming evidence that I am wrong in my belief. A few missteps and delays are not overwhelming evidence in my opinion!!

    • I think you need to go back and re-read some of my posts wake. I've never pronounced the absolute doom of the company.

      I've said on the mobile side of the business, management hasn't delivered anything close to what they've promised to the detriment of the shareholders, and I don't think Arena has done a good job at all with the mobile side of the business. Maybe he pulled them from the brink when he took over, but he doesn't seem like the guy who's going to be able to take them to the next level, at least on the mobile side.

      I've said I believe the IP holds a good amount of promise and could add quite a bit of shareholder value should it be validated via litigation or settlements. I've said that if the IP side doesn't work out, the company is in trouble.

      What I have never done is implied that I have inside information or that I know things going on inside the company that others don't. I have no problem with people being enthusiastic about the company. I enjoy reading the bull case here as well. I own a few shares of Augme stock in case there happens to be a settlement or a buyout sooner than expected, and will likely buy more after the earnings come out in anticipation of the resolution of the lawsuits, but I want to see how the market reacts to Augme's cash-burn from this past quarter.

      I hope everything works out with the company, as I'm here to make money like everyone else, however, I'm also a realist and won't pretend that everything is going terrific when it's not, nor will I attempt to twist every negative into a positive (like some here do to the extent that it's almost comical to read).

    • Spetty,

      I don't know about a pumping group or whatnot. More likely than not I would just say most people are just optimistic. I'm sure hfb can agree with me that most people in this world (probably a good 80%) or so tend to be optimistic rather than pessimistic. That is why we have bandwagon jumpers and the such. It is much easier to be bullish than bearish b/c it's just human nature. No secret cults or anything beyond that.

    • Holy cow! Watch out for the monster in your closet Spetty! LMAO.

    • Spetty...

      This is one of those rare cases where I see the bear case as well as the bull case.

      I've said this before, but I see this as an opportunity (for me) to be in on a "private placement" or a venture capital deal where I have huge upside WITH all the risks.

      That's what I can add (for now)

    • Yeah wake, I don't think he was referring to me. Please show me one thing that I've stated as fact that was unverifiable. I can almost guarantee that you can't, because I don't and never have alluded that I have access to inside information as many here have. Hurry, buy now, they "know" something. Yeah, how's all that "knowledge" worked out so far?

    • I agree it goes both way imiami, however, I can't recall any skeptics that purport to be "experts" stating unverifiable information as facts, and if there have been and I've somehow missed it, I'm sure you agree that this occurs much much more frequently with the "rah rah" crowd.

      Starting to wonder if some of these guys are a group from Dawson James as is purported to be the case with ETAK on that board. Either way, there's clearly a concerted effort to pump the stock, to me that much is obvious.

    • I agree 100%, but remember, that cuts both ways, though you only point out people who like this stock.

      "In terms of all the other assertions made here that are impossible for people to independently verify, save them. Claims that can't be backed up with a link or some other sort of evidence that the average investor can confirm by doing their own DD have no place on this board and IMO is just more evidence of the concerted effort made to pump this stock."

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