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  • ifly88888888 ifly88888888 Jul 30, 2012 12:53 PM Flag

    Jason..several million in bank?

    I'll be the devil...most recent balance sheet does not show that...did we just acquire money?

    Look at quarterly balance sheet..w/c way out of wack....where is all this cash?

    What am I missing?

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    • I specifically asked Paul about current burn rate and options and timeline for additional financing. He replied we have several million in the bank and are in no immediate need for funding. Unlike a CC this was held in a profesional boardroom with about fifty in attendance. I would guess 50/50 employees/investors. Paul was extremely candid and stopped just short of saying what he really wanted to say, but it was abundantly clear that some very significant events will be announced within the next month and he most certainly had a strong ere of confidence surrounding him. He was a perfect gentleman, in fact he made his wayaround the table and introduced himself to all non-employees and after we adjourned and had a 20 minute or so chat, when I approached he welcomed me by name. My sense is that this man is a man of integrity truly with our best interests in mind. He did at one point allude to possibly seeling HipCricket and holding onto Augme to continue to defend it's patent rights and licensing activities, or did I misunderstand those comments. Mick

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      • Mick, thanks for the report. Glad you had a positive impression of Paul, which is certainly consistent with my sense of him. The possible split up of HC and Augme has been hypothetically discussed on this board and I am fairly confident it has at least been discusssed within the executive offices as a possible option to increase shareholder value.

      • Wow...even if this thread is full of krap, it is fun to follow.

        Absolutely no way a company CEO would say the stuff you guys claim he said today. Mark Cuban? Really.

        Millions on hand but not enough to risk filing an injunction...but enough to blow $4 mil. on a dead company's patents that just happened to be owned by 2 members of the BOD.

        All posted by anonymous posters who happen to go share a beer together in NYC. Yep. Good story. I really like the Ned Beatty part.

        I hope you're telling the truth...but if it's all the same to you, I'll actually watch what the company does. Time.......will......tell.

        But thanks for the entertainment. Very creative. Gotta hand it to you guys. Thanks. I mean it. LMAO.

    • I would imagine that Mark Cuban can get an audience with the management of any company he wants to invest in. I have little doubt that Paul spoke with him personally and therefore knows he invested.

    • hey I fly, when I put your name tag on, I had a sudden urge to put a condom on my head!!!

    • yes that is what paul said. enjoyed saying it too. putting that together with what truthy said, gotta believe it's cuban.

    • Answer the mans question man and get with it! Don't let us down, we are all shareholders for crying out loud.

    • I love the fact that you think I have more than one ID but the truth is, I have one and only one ID. I love the fact that you lay in bed at night thinking of me and the great sundevil multiple ID conspiracy. Too Dam(n) Funny!

      P.S. Have you been to Roswell lately?

    • Just so we are all clear on what you are trying to say...Paul Arena himself said that Mark Cuban bought 55,000 shares of AUGT on 7/27/2012?

    • think the whole board is shaking..that is a great comment seeing you have 7 dfferent id's!! You are just about the whole board!!

    • Really Ifly? He acts foolish? Wow! That is the only word I can think of to describe that comment by you.

      I think the whole board is shaking their heads with that comment. Just sayin....

    • when I put your name tag on, I had a sudden urge to put a condom over my head!!!..... the bottom line is that they have many lines in the water as paul said. once things start breaking it will be a snowball effect. some things are contingent upon others. the 3 of us feel very very confident in our investments... and I would like to thank jason for paying for lunch. and for giving me his jeff hasen book. if I had known you were going to pay for lunch up front, I would have suggested the 4 seasons!!!:) :)

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