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  • tspcrew tspcrew Aug 10, 2012 9:56 AM Flag

    Seriously wonder if a mistake was

    I am a novice... but if instincts mean anything... I think there was a clerical error or some sort of malfunction with one of the clerks... That ruling is too obvious! We'll see... TSP

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    • Given we were waiting on the Magistrate Judge's ruling on sanctions, OF COURSE it was a mistake or very poor "judgemanship"...those of you have already said this are dead on correct.

      I am not too bothered by this because I believe it will come right back on appeal. A potential additional benefit is that the patents will have been "seasoned" in appeals court, strengthening them that much more.

      Loaded up more yesterday...thanks to all all that acted like Chicken Little!

    • I don't think there was an error. And I don't think getting back to $1.60 is any great accomplishment. We're down from over $2 a week ago with little liklihood that it will go back up there any time soon.

      Again, management's style is not to say anything until they absolutely have to. If there was good news, or an error for example, then they would be shouting it from the roof tops. Common sense. If it's bad news, which it appears to be, they have nothing to gain by confirming it. Why give anyone any more reason to exit the stock? Management/insiders own most of the stock. Why make things worse?

      My guess....a this financing thing is more complicated today than it was a few days ago and they aren't talking until the ink is dry. I don't know when, but it seems to me the cash reserve situation needs to be addressed within weeks, if not days. We'll find out....eventually.

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