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  • jffle120 jffle120 Aug 13, 2012 12:11 PM Flag

    Where do all the negativities come from?

    Some people on this board claim to be long but the second the stock goes down they quick to bash management, cry their usually the world is gonna end song. They sure remind me of this little hair around my *nus that keeps itching now and again. If you own the stock what good is it spring all the negativies and show unwarranted frustration. Either stick with your investment or move on, stop itching my you know what. Good luck to the longs.

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    • That's because some of them are not really long. One of the best bashing techniques is to act like your long so that they see you as one of them. A few certain posters here gave themselves away some time ago. People don't understand why some posters would bash their own position. A true long never would. If you think their actions don't make sense if they are what they say they are, then you can rest assured they are intentionally trying to mislead you.