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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Aug 16, 2012 8:30 AM Flag

    Aol/Tacoda is NOT being pursued

    The latest update indicates that we now have no trial date for the two hopeful ones. Although they are still pursuing Yahoo on Appeal the Aol/Tacoda is being dropped because judge M screwed us on what is covered.

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    • good pickup there Dianebrown..there are just so many questionable things that I have lost interest in this company. they had to know Takota was being scrapped..very disheartening to hear so much possible good news coming and then get dumped on and then no good news..lying is not good news either..

    • I added to my position following the call on Tuesday; I would not have done so if I had known about the AOL/Tacoda decision. I at least would have waited for the dust to settle before buying more. This just really makes me question the credibility and integrity of the leadership of this company. They may claim that a decision hadn't been reached yet on Tuesday. Anybody buying THAT?

    • Absolutely untrue. I just listened to the entire presentation again and he SPECIFICALLY refers to the Tacoda case, scheduled for a November trial date. Based on what they already knew, that is coming very close to an out and out lie. Listen to it again.

    • My question was going to be what are the chances of fast tracking pandora, Velti and or MM trials. Google and Vring seem to have done it.
      i have thought that MM was the weakest of the three as they have no IP at all, and a lot to lose.



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      • I am not sure if fast tracking is possible other then that what they are trying do each case as fast as possible. However, I brought the MM reference in another thread too. Its interesting that from the rest of the cases mentioned they really wen into MM's case and why they should licence now. Could this be the one they excited about???

        "We believe Augme's potential damages are increasing and that Millennial's need of license of the Augme technology is now paramount to Millennial's forward operations."

    • Well the tone from 2 days ago was too optimistic about something that must have been inclusive of these updates. The Aol thing didn't just happen overnight like Yahoo. The sense on what was coming must have been picked up by GP a while back. Nevertheless there's something else that they were enthusiastic about....what?? Time will tell. Has anyone notice that they actually embellished the case against MM?

    • It does not sound like it has anything to do with a bad ruling, just that the timing of the take over and integration of things don't make this case our jackpot for huge damages. Hopefully the AOL cases are.