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  • jt81508 jt81508 Sep 7, 2012 1:12 PM Flag

    Same Ol, same Ol

    I would like to know how this stock continues to drop, despite the good results on the earnings, bookings, backlogs, etc, etc. Most frustrating .....I do not believe I am acting Paranoid. Hang on

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    • The stock continues to drop because of a host of factors very few on this board want to acknowledge. They lost their first IP case, and like it or not that will have an impact on other IP. As far as I am concerned the IP is a dead dodo. They came in light on their revenues for this quarter in their core business. Sure, growing fast, but they are some 200K short. Thats a miss, and again regardless of all the cheerleaders here the real money doesnt like that so much and have shown this with the price drop.
      I dont know if this will make it. I think long term it will, but its going to be years regardless of all the smooth talkers or true believers say. But I will not buy any more until I see some positive news and positive stock action.

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      • ariel,

        What do you see as the downside of the stock at this point? My floor is $1 and I very highly doubt we get there. If we do, as I've said all along, I will load the boat up. I feel like we are close to capitulation as the stock has really tested our patience. I have thought many times of selling the lower we go but at this point, it's not really worth it. Hopefully I won't be like what I was in 2008 when I couldn't bring myself to average down on HUN, Apple, BOA and ACTG when they kept on sinking even though the fundamentals were fine (ok not really on BOA but i kinda "knew" the govt wouldn't let them fail). I'm still kicking myself about ACTG (which I didn't buy), APPL (where I set a buy order at like 78 and didn't fill), and HUN (which I bought at 2.9 but couldn't bring myself to average down and buy more as it went to 2).

        Psychology works wonders on people. So just gotta do the opposite. Time will tell....

        Sentiment: Hold

    • drspartan Sep 7, 2012 1:59 PM Flag

      I'm sorry, jt8....I know I sold out a few weeks ago at $1.55 and I really shouldn't be here...but I continue to have AUGT on my watch I see the price drop every day. I saw the sales numbers this morning and I have to say they aren't that great when the balance sheet is taken into account. Everyone has to acknowledge that the IP angle on AUGT is essentially over. Please do what you think is best for yourself, but I have to say my peace of mind has been much better since I dropped AUGT. I no longer have to sit there every day and look at that big 'ol RED number that seemed to get bigger every week.
      AUGT is never going to pull this off. I think guys like you kinda know that but just can't bring yourself to give it up. There's so much boosterism on this board that it's easy to think "I'm wrong. They're right." But the do know what's right and what's not. It's too bad...really. AUGT is going to continue down. This market is really doing well now and any stock that has any reasonable potential is responding. AUGT isn't. The market is telling you.

    • yes JT, i have never seen such a horrible acting stock as this from a company that actually has some positive things going for someone said earlier, they need to do something big to shake this pattern..i.e., change their name, merge with another company, make some deals..something..what is going to happen when the mkt tanks for a couple months..we will be sub $1..