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  • joethesnaker joethesnaker Sep 13, 2012 10:00 AM Flag

    it never ceases to amaze me and u all fall for it.

    100 % correct. Great post! These guys are only trying to sound like big investors. None of them are buying. This stock stinks right now. The so called "smart guys" here are going home each night saying.."Gosh, I lost another $5K today..or $20K or $50 K...and the guys with the big shares (yeah right) probably have lost $250K and they act like all is OK. This is reality. I am willing to bet that 99% of the people on this board have lost money.

    The stock holders here together probably don't own more than 200K shares yet they try to convince each other they are buying more.

    Foolish, foolish people. They all are getting clobbered.

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    • Hey look, this is a Yahoo message board. Anyone can post anything they want. I have never posted false info, but I bet a lot do. When someone says "I just bought 10,000 shares" some did, but a lot bought 100 or maybe none at all. And we have the smooth talking "I just talked with management" types. Really? Who believes this thats in their right mind? Management wont talk to a individual and tell them stuff that they know will be posted that could come close to being considered insider info, you go to jail for that stuff.
      The people that I pity are those that are here putting their hard earned money into something they read on a board. Its free, and therefore worth what you paid for it, zero.
      Concerning AUGT, its a broken stock, it may be a broken company but that has yet to be determined. But its important to remember even a good company doesnt make it a good investment.

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      • Ariel, not being argumentative at all, but I would like to respond to your comment about those who say they talk with management and who would believe it, and the sharing of "insider info". I can only speak for myself, even though I do believe that some others on this board have had talks with management. Part of the reason I believe that is that I see management as being accessible, within the constraints of their busy schedules. I have spoken with "management" several times over the last several years, and I shared with the board my impressions of my most recent conversations. I realize that you do not know me personally, but my credibility is of utmost importance to me, and it always has been. When I was growing up it was drilled into me that veracity and credibility are the most important values and characteristics a man can possess. Even on a mostly anonymous message board I am not going to post anything that I know to be untrue. My alternative is just to say nothing. That said, it is certainly possible to get a sense of how management is thinking and feeling without any exchange of "inappropriate information". When anyone speaks with an "insider" the correct approach should be to not even ask for, or want to hear, any information that would be inappropriate. That way the communication lines are more likely to remain open. As I said before, I am as frustrated as anyone with this share price, and speaking with management is a constructive way to attempt to ascertain if the fundamentals are still intact. I did that, and I am reassured. There are other reasons why people sell a stock that have nothing to do with the present or future status of the company. I still believe that things are going to get better soon. We longs (everyone on this board is not long) will certainly be glad to see it.

    • Foolish if you sell. Good company, broken stock. Buy more and average down.
      Strong buy at these prices.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Why this stock is broken, Im not sure yet! However, I do believe in this company and the mgt., the fundamentals are there. They are achieving some of there goals and objectives, yes the courts have not been nice to us but AUGT has landed quite a few marquis customers and building annual revenues. AUGT's application platform, IMO, is one of the best in the mobile industy. This is coming from a guy that has sold enterprise software for the past 20 years. I believe this is a great time to pick up more shares. IMO, Its just a matter of time when, not if, this stock will reap the benefits.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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