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  • vpg999 vpg999 Sep 19, 2012 10:13 AM Flag

    AUGT will win a huge mobile deal with Facebook

    FB may also directly invest or just bid to acquire AUGT. The stock is a major homerun from here. Cannot believe it is like a $10 bill trading for under $1. FB deal would be a $50-100MM deal over a period of a few years. Game over for shorts.

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    • What a gift this is. Wish I'd bought more the other day. Kicking myself for not loading up the other day.

    • What is with these bogus predictions being posted as fact? It's very tiring to constantly read this kind of crap. Unless you "know" something or have any factual information, spare us the #$%$

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    • I hope you are correct, however the idea that there is a great short interest here, or the absurdity I read about "naked shorts" being responsible for Monday's debacle is complete ignorance. Not easy to short this stock. Monday's collapse was the result of a 3 million shareholder liquidating for personal reasons regardless of price. It certainly tripped off stop losses and some panic sellers, but it nothing to do with the business or with short selling.

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      • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Sep 19, 2012 1:04 PM Flag

        tao, I believe you are right about the stop loss selling, and maybe a shareholder selling, but as for the naked short selling, this is probably alot of what was causing the slow drip. Go read the articles (2) posted by me under 'confessions of a mm'. Written by an ex mm that shows how it is in their business they get sucked into doing this by the nature of the business.

        Keep in mind the mm main business is volume, and facilitating it. When they get a 'call', sometimes they attempt to fill it by selling shares they don't currently possess, (naked), or cant find at the price needed, in order to build and keep their clientele happy... but over the course of business, the action can mount in a price trend, creating a backlog of shorts they must cover eventually, which creates an incentive for them to influence the trend downward, which they can easily do being they are always counter party in the trade, and they see all and can do much more than you the trader can. They then initiate the sell off in order to cover, and do so by 'shaking the tree'. Very informative about how this all works.

        Weak thinly traded stocks on the otcbb with alot of trades in and out are more vulnerable to this than the more established ones that are in stronger hands.

      • very easy to short this stock through major wire houses, they just list it as a journal entry and don't bother with the transfer agent, do some reading up on litigation by Jagnotes years ago against all the majors. There is likely a huge naked short in the stock and the houses will call in positions now.

        I don't know whom you guys speak to, but I speak with founders and former execs from Augme. I am dialed into this stock and this is a major entry point here. Mark this post, FB and MSFT will strike deals with AUGT and the stock is at least a triple or 5x bagger from here on its way to $10.

      • yeah tao, why not tell us how you know it was a 3 mil share are you so certain ?..also, normal short sellers are very diff from naked dont seem to understand this so a little DD may help u there..