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  • imiami55 imiami55 Oct 16, 2012 5:51 PM Flag

    This Board is Panicing

    Is anyone concerned about tax selling? If I could get around that, I really would buy some more.

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    • Miami, this is just speculation on my part of course. I am sure there will be some investors who may plan to sell some Augme shares to offset some gains elsewhere. But I am hoping that will be offset by increased buying as it becomes clear to more investors that fundamentals are truly going in the right direction. Also, we may be getting some good news on the IP front over the next several months that also would provide a lift for the share price. This stock has had so much bad news and it has drifted down so far, that it is truly a tightly coiled spring. Some good news that would change perception could provide some dramatic buying. Pendulums do swing.

    • no one wants to hear about tax time and where this shareprice could go. lets face it folks have made lots of cash/gains in other stocks that would be nicely offset by by augt losses. i do believe we are in for more pain but also that those that bought in at the .50 mark will do their best to stop a slide past that point. they are already facing lost gains for six years of investment here and i am sure while they will say they havent lost a penny yet ,they have not made gains that would justify six years of investment.plain and simple. noone can argue that this has been a good investment for all those years. if you still believe in this story then its a no brainer to buy down here cus a dime or two isnt gonna break the bank when buying shares. the problem is more of , can u believe the story after all the crap over all these years. we are starting all over again and its shown by the posts that "bob" will save us after we got rid of the last bum. ya cant even trade this stock anymore unlessyour moving 10k at a time for maybe .02 gain. sorry, i think theres better ops out there. so as an investor i cant even begin to wrap my arms around this one till they show they will make it and as a trader i just dont see the pop anytime soon .