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  • thedudeabides742 thedudeabides742 Oct 22, 2012 11:48 AM Flag

    If this was a Heavyweight fight....

    At least the volume has been low- I think (and hope) this is telling. I am not letting myself get too worried about fluctuations in share price now. The company is reorganizing, has a new leader, and is a couple months away from the next conference call. Hopefully a large contract can land or IP deal can be worked out that would give us some nice PR and give the share price a boost before this. We are a sitting duck in the meanwhile. Hopefully management steps up and buy more shares. I look forward to an update from Bob Hussey about how his meeting last week with Goodwin Proctor was and what the timeline looks like as far as moving cases forward.

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    • "fluctuations in share price" is to Augme as "took on some water" is to the titanic.

    • PS-At what price will you start worrying????

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      • miami.... for full disclosure I panicked at $1 and the rest today. The action does not sit well with me and I think our old buddy Warn may have been right. Good luck, but I am done here. A year and a lot of money down the drain. Chalk this one up to a bad decision. I am sincere when I say good luck, I will not bash, just saying my goodbyes.

      • Imiami, What are you worrying about?? That we going to drop to 50 cents??? Well we just did. What else is there to "worry" about? That the company is not going to cut cost to bring it inline with revenue? Or our sales are not increasing fast enough at 20% clip?? Or that maybe we are going to run out of cash next week??? Or maybe we are going to get delisted!! oops too late on that as well! Have I missed something?

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      • Miami- I have always appreciated your commentary here.. I try my best not base my opinion about this or any company on it's daily share price.. At these low levels well below $1 the share price has been hammered down on massive volume, as far as I can tell today's volume IS fairly low 1) I still see less than 300k shares traded.. 2) I get what your saying as this has been an awful ride for me as well, but I would still say that the share price has always fluctuated as it trends up or down.. look at a 5 year chart and tell me that is not the definition of "fluctuation". Augme has recently completed financing, and are hitting their strongest time of year in terms of revenue and sales so going into the next CC we should see a rise in share price from this fire sale.. If there is no support down at these levels I might panic, but I feel like I've missed my chance to jump ship at this point and have lost enough money to just hold on and watch this play out. With the recent financing that should get them to the Spring, and good news that I expect sooner than that (contract singing most likely), I am not terribly worried anyway. I expect any down days, like today, to be on average or less than average volume. I agree it is a shame that things have gotten to this point, Arena really put us into a jam but it looks like the company is moving rapidly and decisively in the right direction... This is all in my uneducated opinion, i appreciate any other opinions or critiques of my own.

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    • 1-Volume is NOT low. 2-When has the price of this stock fluctuated?? Fluctuation implies it goes UP and Down.

      This is shameful