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  • letsrideitout letsrideitout Oct 22, 2012 8:03 PM Flag

    Wait till it hits 14 cents

    No COO a temp CEO, and Paul Arena leaving a ton of un needed offices, a ton of excess help. Look at the different sites like Linkedin. Do a search on Augme and HC. Maybe 50 to 100 employees for a company doing very low sales. More Vice Presidents of nothing.

    I do think the CEO will get the labor right but it is a tough process to clean out the good from the bad. Anyone that was a former Arena employee in his other failed ventures should go out the door first.

    Get this thing down to 2 offices and 25 employees then move forward.

    The cost to close offices, pay dead leases and severance will be extreme.

    Look for more un pleasant news for the next few month. I do think they have a great product, HC. IP is worthless, should be 14 cents in weeks, back to 50 cents in a year, maybe $5 in 3 years.