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  • xziw34 xziw34 Oct 23, 2012 1:24 PM Flag

    i'm feeling a bottom was formed today

    now's the time to add imo

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    • I tried to buy at .635 and order hasn't been filled after seeing that price for over two hours;
      controlled, very thin trading by MM today to keep the buys from driving this baby up and make it look more like a "flat" day; naked shorts and other selling is at an "exhaustion" point.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Nope. No bottom.

      It's going to Voice Assist area. .25 cents....probably within months. The end of year is upon us. No one has any gains. Tax loss selling...again...will crater AUGT into the EOY. it in the last week of December if you are so inclined. It will be at a new 52 week low then. Same as last year.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • you can guess all you like now..the one thing we know for sure is you missed out on 20 percent - in a day

      • I wouldn't count on that. I already mentioned I wouldn't be surprised if there is some interest in the company right this moment and that others have expressed interest at much higher valuations many months back. No idea whether the company that I think could be looking pulls the trigger or not but they would be a perfect fit. I already laid out a case why I think it makes perfect sense based on their interest in augmemented reality, sharing the same IP counsel for the 90 patents Augme filed, the possible acquirers interest and filing of patents covering anoynomous profiling, and their previous partnership with Amobee, now acquired for 321 million at just 16M in trailing 12 month revenues. I alreaady mentioned I bought yesterday at .55 and am adding today. I think MM could be in play soon, all sorts of rumors swirling and that leaves Augme/HC as the last American based leader in mobile marketing. Just like Admob being bought by Google paved the way for MM to rappidly growe and capture market share, MM getting bought opens up tremendous opportunity for Augme/HC. Real perfect storm beginning to develope in the space and this company is hands down the most undervalued asset in it.

      • They're going to have the Q3 revenue results released going right into tax-loss season. Stock should start to see a spike. And when the price spikes, you know how optimistic some of the people here will get. Some of the old pumpers will surely show back up saying "I was right all along, to the MOON Alice". I think there could be enough excitement to overcome any tax-loss selling. I'd also think that anyone who wanted to sell would've sold during this recent massacre. Who knows, you could be right, but if the revenue results from Q3 show the same sequential growth rate as Q2 and that doesn't drive this thing back well over $1, something is very wrong, and I don't mean with the company.

    • We picked up a handfull of shares today.

    • I wish I had a dime for everytime someone called a bottom on this stock. It would make up for my losses.

    • I am surprised it's this low. Especially since I'm pretty certain there have been no less than at least two company's who I've heard about looking at HC about 3 months ago and one supposedly even floated a verbal interest in the $130 million range just for it alone. Supposedly one was a major marketing company and the other a big coupon provider. Augme supposedly wasn't interested in selling HC that cheap and wanted to get a couple more quarters of growth under it's belt to maximize value. That was even before last Q where they showed 22% sequential growth and a $25 million run rate. Right now what is so insane is that the entire company is trading for less than HC was acquired for and it was known to have been bought well by Augme at the time. I know of at least one other company whose strategic acquisition team issaid to be looking at the company right now. At this price, they are a sitting duck.

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      • You are an #$%$, who lives in a fantasy world of misinformation and lies. You have not a clue about anything related to business. And you willfully mislead those who think you know something.

        Why is the PPS in the crapper?
        Simple answer, the company's balance sheet sucks (if anyone wants to bring a lawsuit against these cretins, make sure you include the outside auditors to the list). Mangement sucks. Of course you will say that there is a new sheriff in town, but that means nothing. The people who hired the old sheriff, let him destroy shareholder value, and appointed the new guy are one and the same. this BOD sucks.
        Let's take a quick peek at the balance sheet. Get your air sickness bags handy.

        As of 8/31/12 AUGT had $475,784 in cash. That's it.
        They would run out of money real soon, and apparently they almost did. On 9/18 they had to borrow $250K paying 12%. The loan was secured by substantially all of the Company’s #$%$ets, other than its intellectual property.
        On 9/27 the company reported: "On September 27, 2012, the board of directors of the Company authorized the Company to accept a loan in the amount of $200,000 funded on September 11, 2012 by Ernest W. Purcell, a director who resigned on September 17, 2012."
        This is somewhat peculiar is that the BOD accepted a laon on 9/27 that was funded on 9/11. Then again, AUGT has not been very good at disclores, IMO. BTW, the rate on this loan was 18%.
        So we have a company running out of money to pay for keeping the lights on, needing to borrow at the last minute, or work in the dark. So how is Wall Street going to do that?
        But it gets worse.
        The company lists #$%$ets of 94.6 million. Of that goodwill (meaning they overpaid for something) amounts to 47.48 million. Intangible #$%$ets amount to 40.583 million. This means that 88 million of the posted #$%$ets are nothing but fluff.
        That 10Q was bad enough. When one goes back and looks at other filings, the picture is horrific.
        On 7/11/11, the company had 69.92 million shares outsanding. On 10/8/12 they had 112.3 million shares outstanding. That is almost an increase of 61%. Dilution at its finest.
        This company has #$%$ financials, #$%$ management, and a BOD that appears to be asleep at the wheel.
        A recipe for extinction.

        But the MobileMoron will continue to post his garbage about how wonderful this company is. He is a sick PoS.

      • Mobileguru...havn't you caused enough harm? AUGT is a dead stock. It's not going back to $1.50 or $2. No buyout. Cash continues to drain away. If you're a small, new company and have to cut costs to keep the doors open, you're in sad, sad shape. I know you're not stupid, so I can only conclude you have very different motivations for continuing to pump this POS.

        "Something evil this way comes."

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

      • You have to be the most well connected person in the industry. How in the world could you possibly know all these people? Too vague.

        I don't understand why the stock is so low (and still dropping) either. I do think it will recover. I'm putting my money where my mouth is as well, but only time will tell if that's the right thing to do.

        Sentiment: Buy

      • it's hard to believe...and even from a technical standpoint, it's hard to believe it hasn't at least bounced a bit

      • well mobile that may be what saves this company and stock..HC is apparently a great asset and has the right people and in the right mkt at the right time..its really the only reason i have not sold..hit augt with 200 mil cash for HC and the stock will have good value..maybe i could even get even..imiami too..ha !

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