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  • tmchugh99 tmchugh99 Oct 24, 2012 10:08 PM Flag

    Space Available in Hell

    WAKE, you got it right
    ......"a little push may cause a cascade"
    in my view, there have been several salient occurrences of calculated pushing to catalyze and exploit the irrational behavior of a fear-struck average investor

    1 MM warrants timely exercised

    The recent dilution issued with warrants - a classic PIPE scenario
    coupled with the fact that
    senior insiders have not been in a buying frenzy with price/sh extreme lows
    in spite of this, providing the positive CC this quarter

    The reason it made no sense is we were given F.E.A.R. false evidence appearing real
    while vocalized positive conviction was not supported by insider executions as a demonstration of solidarity........rather suggestive of a foreknowledge of likely price descent.

    give your attention to what they do; not what they say.....................looks damming to me