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  • From a Time Mag. article:

    Here’s a number to ponder: 84 percent of small businesses that use mobile marketing techniques report an increase in new business for their efforts.

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    • Just consider that 84% in conjunction with other important stats. Like look at slide page 6 of the company's recent presentation where it shows time spent on mobile devices versus current ad spend.

      See how with the other mediums like TV and web, ad spend closely correlates to time spent. It deviates just a maximum of 4% on web and just 1% on TV. Look at mobile though, 10% of peoples time yet just a mere 1% of ad spend committed to it. Mark these words, a day will soon come when that time spent on mobile overtakes the internet and TV at well over 50% and so won't advertisers commitment of ad spend. There's never been another technology in history like that mobile devices and tablets. They are the holy grail for advertisers where content can be targeted to the absolute power of one. No other advertising medium in history has enabled such a refined a precise level of targeted advertising or generates the high roi.

      That one slide tells all. Think about the growth we're already seeing in this little company at this still embryonic stage. Just 1%! Even if that 10% of time spent on mobile were to stay the same, which it never will since it's exploding, ad spend will at least need to increase 9% just to currently meet it. Their client Kraft is already making the move and others are following in their footsteps. Just that small movement alone will make current small players in the space possible billion dollar companies before all is said and done. Those with traction will be acquired as the space see's aggressive entry into the space by large players wanting to grab a piece of the multi-billion dollar mobile pie.

      Anyone who has read all the articles and page 6 of the company's own presentation and still doesn't see the big picture and how enormous of an opportunity it all may represent, they're not just ignoring me and you, but they're ignoring many other completely independent and well respected sources who are all saying the exact same thing.

    • Nice stat---and you already have a thumbs-down----he he he----it gets more laughable every day. You would think that some would realize that when a "strategy" (if you want to call it that) is used so inappropriately, that it loses all credibility.