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  • imiami55 imiami55 Nov 1, 2012 11:29 AM Flag

    Little or No trading???

    What's going on here today? ccording to 3 brokerage sites, Augme hasn't traded today??? Anyone?

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    • Michael,
      The disparity of stock price from then and now means that some semblance of financial responsibility needs to be included in the equation. Again, you can have the best product in the industry, in this case the mobile marketing space, but there needs to be the other, and most important part of the equation, the ability to forecast profits while establishing a plan for growth. Arena put too much emphasis on the IP and that cost the company tremendously. He gambled, he lost, at least in the short term. Now had a few IP decisions gone in his and our favor – different story, but his job as CEO was to NOT gamble, and grow the company with financial insight – I blame the CFO as well, the CFO at the end of the day should be the checks and balances against the CEO and provide established, achievable goals. Many moving parts to financial strategic planning and simply, Augme dropped the ball. We now have an interim CEO that is moving back to the fundamentals, this is good… A company as young as Augme/Hipcricket can grow and control expenses, it is possible….but the company is far from out of the woods, however a great quarter can ease a lot of pain. I hope hurricane Sandy hasn’t had too much of an impact on the current Q, but again this is when senior executives earn their money, and as stakeholders we should hold them to the fire….

    • well, no one news, no reason..34k shares down as usual.. .705 cents

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      • We have reached a decreased interest in AUGT. I wonder all the mambo-jambo that was going on with the "markman, hearings, settlements, etc" nothing has happened! I am holding 10,000 shares at 0.73, no pumping or bashing on my part. My wife bought also on my advice, she thinks is the worse stock she ever bought. My hope is that someone will buy us, as I wrote before,I am satisfied with $2 to $2.50 offer. I see no other scenario, unless the Hipcricket become the most important element and they decide to drop Augme & change to HC;which would attract more interest by the investment community. Remember HC has been the money maker here. Hang on

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