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  • aarickm aarickm Nov 8, 2012 4:40 PM Flag

    61 cents!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone know why we are at 61 cents......The NISSAN specifically Limited targeted contract (no pun intended) was of zero relevence....Once again no sales figures announced.(Lets speculate shall we)...We are a hurting company trying to close contracts in a contracting economy...We have no LEVERAGE,. NONE...Good news another 22 cent drop puts us in the 39 cents area.....Where is JASON and ARN when you need them..Maybe Bob could pitch a HUSSEY fit............CAPISCE

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    • oh, man, dont say anything like that! remember cheerleaders only can post here..otherwise you will be called a child, a winer, a crybaby, etc by some little girl that post here pretending to be a shareholder... a pumper/shill who is happy all the way down from $4 to .60 and still happy..because she doesnt have any shares!! lol

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      • Justnik, for your information I now own 100k shares. I have been adding at these levels for the past three weeks (as have other people I know personally on this board). Does not matter what goes on in that pea of a brain of yours. No one is more frustrated with the share price than I am. Like Flyers, Mobil, Spetty etc I believe that the business alone, without any IP, is currently worth much more than the share price, and will be worth more down the road. There is nothing I can do about the daily price, I will not throw a tantrum, stamp my feet, and WHINE (not winer you #$%$ like you, who I am certain has a very small position here.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Let's see if this current quarter is one to be proud of as IB suggested. I hope Sandy hasn't impacted the Q too much, but I suspect it has somewhat. IP update and Q-3 review in a month, until then probably range trading between .55 & .70 for a few more weeks. Nice to see others having some success with other stocks - especially the IP side of it...maybe GP will actually earn its pay someday with augt...but not holding my breath.

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      • I expect it will be another good one when they come right in as promised at the high end of guidance at 20% for the Q. Maybe when investors see two consecutive quarters of that 20% growth they will realize it's for real. I expect Q3 to be the same. It's just math, keep growing at 15-20% sequentially and that's 80-94% a year give or take. MM trades at 9X's sales, Augme just 2X and Augme has better technology, patents and higher margins. Get this company close to a $40 million run rate in Q4 and even conservatively speaking it should trade between $2.50 and $3 solely based on the mobile business. I don't care whether you love it or hate it, the numbers don't lie. As long as they keep hitting them, the stock eventually goes higher or they get bought. Either way it goes higher. I also agree with what flyers said yesterday. I'm bullish on the new CEO, bullish on the mobile business and nuetral on the IP. Great company but still a bad stock for the time being.