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  • jt81508 jt81508 Nov 10, 2012 2:54 PM Flag

    Holiday 2012 contracts expected

    thedude, I suspect that Augme has been in secret talks with one or more potential acquirers. Maybe management is awaiting the outcome of the legal matters (more than one) . If they win one or more big, they can use the $$ in many ways. If they loose all, then the buyers will come into action. There are not many options for them & we all longs hope Hussey (the new CEO) will turn this boy(not a baby anymore) around. By the way, I now own a modest 11,000 shares(no comparison with some big hitters on this board, per their admission). Hang on

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    • I doubt they are in talks with acquirers unless the buyout price is a hefty chunk above 125 million b/c that is when Hussey starts to get his 1% selling price. And at this point, why would someone buy them out for say 200-300 million when they're trading at like 60 million? I think it'll be a year or so until takeovers have some teeth. We need some time to right the ship.

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      • Michael, I agree that at the moment nobody would pay such a premium for this company. My point about expecting the contracts to close before the holiday season is simply that having such a long term time frame when looking at this company might be off base, although I understand it makes sense to plan based on the company's guidance. If Augme announces they have landed a couple seven-figure deals with large customers, it would go a long way towards removing market doubts about the company and attracting buyers. Correct me if I am mistaken, but I do not believe Augme's revenue guidance includes the signing of any such deals- I think they have guided very cautiously after missing last year. For everyone's sake, let's hope this quarter actually does make everyone "proud".

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