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  • bigdaddyt20006 bigdaddyt20006 Nov 13, 2012 8:57 PM Flag

    My thinking on Augme, what I did about it, and what management needs to do.

    Jason, if your not holding any equity in this stock then y post? Did you do your DD on the fundamentals of this stock relative to the value of HC in an open mobile advertising market? Regardless of IP value or not the price of this equity is still undervalued at its corp value. Period. I hope the stock drops another .20/.30 cents right around .25 pps. What goes down must go up & with the next Q report expected to show continued revenue of about 20% & with RH continuing to cut the waste & cash burn Arena buried us with i say it's a safe 'bet' 2013 gets us back to the low 2's on pps. I don't knw whether the longs here are really holding all the equity they say that they are but from my reading of the Board i wouldn't bet against them either.

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    • bigdaddy, what did I say to imply that I don't hold any shares? Please re-read my post from two days ago which will basically tell you how many shares I hold.

      I hope the stock does not go down to $.25. I wish it hadn't gone to $.53. The company did some foolish things, caught a bad break in the Yahoo ruling, and got punished. Just as the stock price reached highs it probably shouldn't have several years ago ($4.88/share), it just reached lows it shouldn't have either. Both endpoints were overdone. The stock will correct again on the upside. I wish I could predict when, but I think we are getting close to the turn. Time will tell.

      In spetty's words, I own more Augme stock than I ever have, and probably more than I should.

      Nonetheless, I find the stock fundamentals so compelling at this price point that I can't resist buying. I think you are basically saying the same thing.

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      • worries what others think. You DD and reasoning is solid. The risk reward at these prices are overwhelming skewed towards higher reward. The focus should be on the fundamentals and not price gyration. With current cash on hand and 20% growth per q there is no doubt we will BE on 4q.

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      • Exactly what i'm saying Jason. For every .05 it drops i'm picking up 500 shares per dip. I really hope it doesn't get dwn too much further but i 2 really believe the stock fundamentals at this price point is waaaaay undervalued so since i am in so deep why not continue to lower my cost average?

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    • Bigdaddy, what do you mean Jason does not own this stock? He has a ton of shares.

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