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  • hfb46 hfb46 Nov 12, 2012 10:41 AM Flag

    My thinking on Augme, what I did about it, and what management needs to do.

    Jason, excellent post. Like you, I have also been seriously questioning what am I missing about this story. I have gone over and over what I "know" and what I have been "told" and what I "believe" and "understand" about this company and the "space". Your logical and rational thoughts and opinions are very well reasoned and most objective observers would probably agree with most of what you say. I am still very confident that Hussey is going to buy a substantial number of shares, and I HOPE that some of the folks in his rolodex will also buy some shares. I also believe that he will demonstrate that he believes in the value of the IP when we finally hear about the IP strategy going forward. It both frustrates and amuses me how some have reacted to the disappointing developments over the last number of months. But that is typical of so many people; a few disappointments and some are ready to throw the whole company out the window. There is certainly some dirty bathwater, but we still have a baby with huge potential there as well.

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    • I am glad I own Augme. I am a holder of 11,000 shares, modest amount compared with others. I believe one of the main reasons we dropped....the failure to win any legal action. We need to eliminate the ominous name "Agme Technologies" and call it "HIPCRICKET MOBILE" since this is the winner and getting the contracts. People associate AUGT with a loosing proposition. One more thing (Like Lt. Columbo used to say) The best scenario..someone to buy us! Hang on