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  • huskies1999champs huskies1999champs Nov 12, 2012 3:22 PM Flag

    My thinking on Augme, what I did about it, and what management needs to do.

    That was probably the best post in a while. Again, it represents logic based on all of the realities of the current state of the company after it has undergone some turbulent circumstances. I have been invested since it was branded Modavox and I have continued to invest based on the risk/reward and have accumulated 120,000 shares at a pretty good cost basis. I doubt that there is any significant bad news baked into the current pps and I actually agree that the current pps is reflecting irrational pessimism. Irrational investors who want big returns also want to buy shares low when the story and the news on the stock is all positive and management has the company running on all cylinders, reaping huge profits. Good luck finding that company and you might as well spend your time searching for the Holy Grail instead. The naysayers always bash and use childish gibberish and comments that are completely devoid of any supporting DD.

    I find it quite satisfying to know that they will miss out on this investment and all others that offer substantial upside. They are the chaff, the boys, the average Joe, the one who caught the average size fish, the one who married the plain average girl instead of the hottie he had balls too small to approach. Yes this investment requires big balls and I don’t blame the small-balled basher for not investing. It’s not their fault they inherited their dads yellow belly and mini-balls.

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    • Beautify huskie...I felt like I was reading a poem. These bashers have cost the average joe much of their savings. They are relentless with their waves of pessimissim that wears out an average joe's psyche. I see many of them in my investing lifetime. I have tried to warn those who listen but the dark side has more powerful on the surface. Augme has a turbulant past but a very bright future. Their technology is a leading platform and it will be proven in the courts eventually. Meanwhile I am enjoying adding at these rediculous levels and averaging down for the ultimate rebound that will come soon.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • sirius,

        how exactly have the bashers cost people much of their savings? if anything it's the pumpers that have been irrationally bullish in the 2 years i've been here. with comments of this is going to triple digits. no offense but so far your calls have been off. just as warn has no idea where the stock is going whether that be .25 or 25, there's no way you could know either. there's just too many variables. many people prob thought betamax was going to be the new platform 30 years ago and look what happened. technology changes so fast and there's no way to predict where it's headed or which direction the courts will go. besides, if this does goes to 0 no one can hold you accountable b/c no one knows who you really are. heck, even the analysts who get calls wrong year in and out still have jobs. i have to say that's one of the few jobs i know where you can do a crap job and still have a job....well that and certain public sector jobs....let's just let the company perform and as it announces positive results, then we can talk about how good it is. but you can't have it report negative surprises all the time and always be bullish. gotta take a middle of the road view.

        Sentiment: Hold