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  • imiami55 imiami55 Nov 14, 2012 12:13 PM Flag

    Would insiders be able to buy if

    This was my reply to the employment agreement line on Oct 19th...

    By imiami55 . Oct 19, 2012 12:22 PM . Permalink . Go to topic

    Adam....I respect what you are saying, but I need you to clarify one point. Are you saying the only reason he hasn't bought is because his employment agreement as interim CEO isn't complete?

    Over a month for an employment agreement??

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    • Perhaps we are over-blowing how important it is for an insider to be buying right now. The ability to control costs while growing the company is what will save augme, not insider buying. I understand the signals that a sizable insider buy could send to the street but that isn't going to save this company. Execute like a real business and the stock price will follow...award winning mobile marketing technology means nothing without the internal and external environmental and strategic planning this company desparately needs..that means they need to make more money than they spend.

    • Skiing...

      But if the COMPANY and its senior management doesn't think the stock is cheap here......well you get the point. It doesn't take long for an attorney or someone in-house to fill out a Form 4

    • Got it Miami - doesn't take much effort to buy some stock. I'm more concerned about that reverse split that is still on the table until February. I know what it was intended for, but I wonder if management has plans to invoke the 1 for 2 reverse anyway. I don't think we see anything before Q-3 report, but the question should be asked on the CC.

    • That is precisely what he is saying.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy