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  • padregringos padregringos Nov 17, 2012 10:26 AM Flag


    It sort of becomes obvious that there are those posters who have a "little more" knowledge (duh) about what is happening with the company that is not in the news. The agreement was not in the news until after the market close. Was it on the SEC postings before the close ? Was the "bounce up" 10%, 5 cents on the 50 cent low a result of the knowledge of the filing. Does this now allow other things to move faster. Was it stopping others from buying ? Was this the bottom ? Would like to hear from some of the "more knowledgeable " posters. THANKS

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    • I doubt anyone in the know was suddenly buying stock because of this agreement. If they really were in the know then they knew about this agreement probably for the last few months. Maybe final details were being worked out but my guess is the majority of the deal was done a while back. My best guess is the stock bounced back because whoever has been selling all the shares stopped. Are they out of shares? Who knows. We will have a better feel for that when the stock pops back up to the 80 cent area and we see if there are shares from the recent offering left from some of those buyers. In the next few weeks we should hear an update on the IP with the Yahoo case being either appealed or not and then we should get some preliminary numbers for Q3. I am hoping to see around $7.5-8M for the current quarter.

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