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  • watchmystocks watchmystocks Nov 19, 2012 12:15 PM Flag

    No Deal

    I would like to apologize to the people on this board. I posted a while back about AUGME being bought out. I have a friend who had some very strong info regarding AUGME in talks with a potential buyer. He shared the info with me and was very confident. Enough that he put everything he has into this stock. He has just informed me that the deal fell through. I don't have an exact reason why, but i know that the potential suitor was scared off by something regarding IP. He says he will be selling his 100K shares over the next couple of days. I am sorry for being so confident in my information and misleading anyone. Looks like we will be staying down and potentially going down farther when this news comes out. Good luck everyone.

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    • I think your too early with your joke JOKER. Come back on the 1st of April.

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    • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Nov 19, 2012 1:45 PM Flag

      well then johnny, I'm sure, since the deal fell through, there is no reason for names and details not to be forthcoming. Tell us, who is your friend, and who this suitor is/was, and what was offered; amounts, dates and time, all the details, etc? If you cant provide this, then shut your corn-hole.

    • Obvious #$%$, put together by an idiot. Get off the board, loser.

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    • If anyone here fell for this amusing attempt to bash the stock then the are a bigger idiot then you are. Get lost dick.

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      • Watch is fraud, who simply gets his rocks off by "leaking" false information to get a rise out people. He does not have some insider friend and probably doesn't even ow this stock. I would suggest we simply ignore his games and focus on factual information that is posted by legitimate stock holders who truly want to see this company succeed.

    • I don't know who your "friend" is and most certainly don't care. I also am indifferent with respect to what he does with his shares. If he wants to sell, please by all means do. I personally believe he would be doing it at precisely the most inopportune time.

      All I can tell you is what he told you, and what you just posted, is complete nonsense and you're doing a tremendous disservice to the board and readers by having made both of your posts.

      There is absolutely no merit to what he told you and what you have posted.

    • Maybe it fell through because they only offered $140M for the mobile business and everyone knows its worth at least $200M, That is with zero value on the IP. I hope he sells out at these low levels because he is going to be kicking himself over the next few months when the stock price better reflects its true valuation.

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      • I hadn't heard about any pending deal but it's really only a matter of time. I think it's inevitable that they are acquired and the list of potential acquirers grows every single day. They keep doing exactly what they're doing and you can be assured the company will be attractive to many and the shares shouldn't be anywhere close to their current level. Just ask yourself two things: Do you really think the entire company should be worth less now than what Augme acquired HC for originally when they were only doing sub $10 million in revenue while now the company is on a current $30 million run rate? Also, do you think the company's growing list of major fortune 100-500 clients will spend more or less on mobile next year? These questions are easy answers. Mobile is still just in its infancy and this company is one of really only two American pure plays on mobile marketing with MM being the other. MM trades at 8-9X sales, Augme at 2X. I'm also looking for some Velti investors to start moving money to Augme. The Raymond James analyst who downgraded Velti from $10 to $8 target yesterday is said to really like Augme but can't cover them because of the price and exchange. I know he's met with the company numerous times in the last 6 months. A deal is ineviatable but time is on the company's side. The CEO's comp package rewarding him for a sale of over $400 million points directly to it.

      • also could be the NPE deal... however, there is no game clock in this game.. as each day passes, the mobile sector is getting hotter and hotter our lawsuits are coming closer and closer to fruition and also hipcricket is making more and more money every single day.. that's why we need to be patient and that's why I am invested in the stock

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