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  • tumbleyguy tumbleyguy Dec 11, 2012 2:07 PM Flag

    300,000 bid at .65

    Hey guys, I have quietly observed this board over this past month. I have been waiting for the right time to enter the stock. I am always searching for stocks that have been beaten down past the point they should be, then I enter and wait for the correction. I believe that this stock has been beaten down past its true value, but am not sure when it will stop dropping. Every penny it drops I lick my chops as I believe the company is headed in the right direction and has amazing leadership now with Hussey.

    I missed at .55 cents a couple weeks ago and was hoping it would break .50. But now i am worried it won't drop much as we are getting well into december here and tax selling is ending. I saw a bid today, on my Iphone though so I can't track L2, at .65 cents and for 310,000 shares. This to me is a sign that this stock probably won't be heading much lower. I want to get in around .62 cents, and even if the stock just gets back to where the last offering was, .80, I walk away with an 18 cent gain, or a 29% gain. I believe by the end of January this stock will be testing the .80 level. If Q3 numbers come out and show that we are well on our way to profitability, I think the stock should gain to over 1.00 as well.

    Good luck to all, except in the short term, as of now, I am begging for a 5% day in the red. Let me join the in the fun.

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    • The stock is slowly coming back down to my bid. I think it will be down to .65 by next week. The stock hasn't popped today even on the Yahoo appeal news. There aren't many buyers or attention on the stock until some major news breaks about their revenues or customer retentions.

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      • Neither Yahoo nor P's outcome has been made public. IMO, BH is gathering all the juice for a nice preliminary announcement that will be public tomorrow or early next week.

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      • tumble...Augme for some reason has chosen to be silent on everything which I believe is holding down the price. The "Yahoo appeal news" didn't show up in any press release that I'm aware of, so few people know about it. No release on the Pandora Markman. No prelim earnings announced...yet. All this silence is quite deafening, and leads me to believe that there is substantive activity going on behind the scenes at Augme. The PR is either deemed to be unimportant relative to other matters, or it might interfere with something(s) under discussion. These are just guesses on my part. I would love to be a fly on the wall of Hussey's office.

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    • No problem, by next week you will be able to buy it @ .58. Mark my word.

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    • Hey Tumble,

      I will sell into any downturn to help you out.

      Please let me know when you're done buying.


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      • Why the attacking? I'm sorry most of you guys are in this stock at major losses, but I am looking for a good investment opportunity and this stock at .62-.65 sounds like a good one. And yes I read the pandora marksman and know a seeking alpha article came out on it, but the volume still seems low today and I am not worried about a major rise in price within the next few days. We ll see if I get my 35,000 shares or not wont we. If not, I'll buy them at a higher price and hold them for a while. A couple pennies doesn't matter that much to me but I'll take them if I can get them. Jason, thank you for being respectful.

    • hey tumble, good luck getting shares at $0.62. Selfishly, I hope you don't, but with this stock, anything is possible. I think there is a possibility that you won't get the stock at $.62, and by that time it could be at $.72, or $.75 or higher. Then what do you do? When I'm in a conundrum like yours, generally I buy half of my position at the current price, and wait to buy the other half hopefully at a lower price. If it goes up instead, at least I bought half of my shares at a lower price. Of course, the choice is yours...

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      • I have remorse that I waited so long to buy it the first time, that I am determined to get this at the price I want. Which has a good chance of backfiring in my face at this point. As long as no unexpected news comes out, I don't think the price will continue to rise. The positive marksman only made the stock go up 10% then it has slowly faded back down. I think if I have enough patience, I can get it at .62, wish I got it at .50 but oh well. Also, please remember we are on the same side here. I want this stock to go to an all time high as well, but I first want it to go down a little bit so I can join the team. As long as you don't sell at .62, it won't matter for anyone.