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  • spetty772002 spetty772002 Dec 14, 2012 5:11 PM Flag

    They're not pre-announcing

    I called and spoke to someone within the company yesterday and though the plan as of a couple of weeks ago when I initially asked the question was that they were going to continue to pre-announce, plans have since changed and the company has decided that they are no longer going to be pre-announcing....just wanted to put the speculation to rest.

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    • There's something I'm not getting so I'm looking for some help here. I've seen many responses related to the continued decline in the stock price blaming tax-related selling before year-end. Why would investors be doing that if the max you can write off on investment losses is $3,000 per yeat? I have to think that most people have well over that much invested in this stock and, assuming most paid more than .53 pr share (it's all-time low), it doesn't make sense that heavy investors are dumping for tax reasons as the current price of .68. Looking for enlightenment.

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      • You can also see selling the month before if people think the stock is not going anywhere until next year. That way 30 days later they can rebuy and have booked the losses going forward. If this happens sometimes beat down stocks will start to rebound in the last few weeks of the year. Of course the market and the fiscal cliff is a variable no one can predict.

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      • The $3,000 limit is the "wash" rule, meaning the annual tax offset for the SAME stock being sold, then repurchased within a 30-day period. While you can carry the entire loss into future tax years with a $3,000 per year limitation, you can deduct the entire loss in its entirety against realized gains on other stocks.

      • There are many reasons, but here are 2 for starters:
        1. If you have gains, you can offset them with losses ( even if they exceed 3,000)
        2. You also carry forward the unused losses. In other words, if you have 10,000 in excess losses over your gains, you can use another 3,000 next year up 5 years.

        The above generally, I repeat, generally leads to the January effect for these beaten down tax sold stocks.

    • I have no problem with AUGT not pre-announcing. If they announce good results in January, it will be nothing but blue skies ahead. If they announce good results now, the effect could be diluted by any residual tax loss selling.

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    • It's quiet because there are some really big things going on. One day soon, the stock might close sub $1 and you'll walk in the next day to an opening trade better than $3. Your either in or your out.

    • thanks for the legwork, spetty

    • Spetty...

      As I posted last week, I like this move. This company is too small to pre-announce, in fact, I don't even like them giving guidance.

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      • spetty, imiami & goneskiing, frankly I don't agree that prelim revs shouldn't be announced this time. Here is an e-mail that I sent to Bob Hussey this past Monday that explains why.

        "Dear Mr. Hussey,

        I was disappointed to see that as of this morning, no news had been released by Augme concerning the preliminary revenues for 3Q13. In the past, preliminary revenue numbers have been released by Augme between the 6th and 12th of the month following the end of a fiscal quarter.

        As the new CEO of Augme, you might have a different philosophy regarding when you release revenue information than your predecessor. While that might indeed be the case, such a philosophy has not been communicated to the shareholders. As a result, the shareholders are expecting news on preliminary 3Q13 revenues at the usual time. If there is no release, then it leads one to believe the worst, that is, that we did not meet our revenue forecast of 15-20% sequential quarterly growth. With the stock trading below $.70/share, I don't think the shareholders need, or deserve, any more negatives to think about. I can tell you that at least a half-dozen shareholders that I know have already expressed this precise concern to me. Knowing that leads me to believe that many more shareholders feel the same way.

        If Augme has met their guidance for 3Q13, I think it would be appropriate to release such information ASAP. In the release, you could point out that Augme will no longer release preliminary revenue information, and that in the future, such information will be released with all of the other detailed quarterly information the morning of the quarterly conference call.

        I know that you have a lot on your plate, and that you were dealt a weak hand when you took Augme's reigns. Nonetheless, I think that it would be a major strategic mistake, and one that would damage your standing with the shareholders, not to release information about preliminary revenues for 3Q13 at this time.

        Finally, I apologize in advance if I am jumping the gun here, and in fact you already were planning to make such a release shortly."

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    • And I agree with that decision. Preannounce without the earnings - just revenue - was worthless anyway....especially in the days of Arena when you knew the burn rate was pretty high. I like this strategy better.