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  • xtj756666 xtj756666 Dec 19, 2012 7:33 PM Flag

    Hipcricket - We're Hiring

    Certainly seems like the company must be doing very well. Why else would they be hiring Director of Sales in 4 major cities.

    Hipcricket, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Augme Technologies, Inc.™ (OTC.BB: AUGT) is based in New York, with operations in Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

    Director of Sales, Brand Solutions - Chicago
    Director of Sales, Brand Solutions - New York
    Director of Sales, Brand Solutions - Los Angeles
    Director of Sales, Brand Solutions - Atlanta
    Senior PHP Developer
    Configuration Management Engineer

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    • Hussey said on the last conference call the company would be hiring east/west, Chicago sales managers - 2 months ago...obviously Atlanta is now back in play too. This will be a quarter to be proud of - and they knew that also 2 months ago. I have zero worries cause I know the current executives would not lie about it....they are on record.

    • Either that or they fired four incompetents and replacing them with someone who can do the job. Cleaning house sort of speak, all good sign! Now they need to better use their assets so they can turn the ROI numbers around along with control cost, or a mix of the two will do. At -45, it's pathetic!!! Arena promised all of us they would hit even or postitive earnings by now. I don't even see that within the near term horizon.

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    • does anyone know if these are newly created positions or simply replacing fired/departed employees?

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    • They're hiring because they are executing their business plan which includes growing revenues, reducing costs, maximizing efficiencies, adding new customers and getting deeper with existing ones. I've never seen a stock so completely disconnected from reality but tax loss selling does cause these type of things to happen. I think the company's conference call in Jan will be very eye opening for all. I already said there is at least one company looking at them now and I'm sure others are that I don't even know about. You really just have to laugh because there's no rational reason for the current share price. Give it a few months from now and i think it's those buying at these prices who will be getting the last laugh.

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      • Kind of humorous, that all the same excuses regarding tax season selling are all over the place. Same articles regarding how the space is exploding, how the year 2013 is going to be the year of mobile. Didn't they say that about the year 2012? Just the same old blah, blah, blah. And yet will all the exciting things happening the stock sits at what 56 cents? Keep pumpin, and maybe just maybe the stock will rise a couple pennies or two. Open your eyes guys.

    • Now the company just needs to change its name to something more fitting. Some have suggest Hipcricket but my vote would be for Shady Red. Seems fitting for the management and stock performance.

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      • thought you would say Genco Olive Oil, Johnny boy. how ironic is it that we are doing business in Vegas, Johnny boy. maybe you could be our Fredo and go out there and learn the mobile marketing business. just remember that Ivan is the boss and don't bang cocktail waitresses 2 at a time; it will get you in trouble.

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    • Hopefully these guys they want to hire aren't just highly paid people who do nothing like past C suite executives....

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