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  • jason9153 jason9153 Dec 23, 2012 9:08 AM Flag

    juiceupon...a question

    If Augme is such a small, meaningless "tiny fraction" of your holdings, then why do you waste your time posting so much on this board? I'm stunned that you would spend time crying and complaining, and revealing to us that you ave a "sell" sentiment for Augme when it's clearly displayed below each of your posts (duh), when you're such an accomplished investor making money on everything else. But then, of course, you are not willing to tell us about what you are making $$$ on because we are a bunch of gamblers, but wait, don't you own some Augme stock? So, what we can deduce about you is that you are a closet gambler, and that you really didn't want us to know that. OK, I guess that clears it up!

    Like xtj, I hope you get your price, on the way to me getting my price.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Jason,

      Your post shows exactly the problem, you don't pay "ATTENTION"! I never posted once, just respond back to other post and from what I gather it was you who cried like a baby the other week when a bunch of readers gave you a thumbs down on your post about an article! See what I mean? Those who claim others as big complainers are really the ones who need a personality check!! Jason, face it, your credibility in this board is shot, you have nothing left to mention that would either convince or have investors buy into your mombo jumbo. If it makes you happy, I can dump all my Augt holding on you, so you have another hole in your foot to shoot thru. LOL!

      Sentiment: Sell

      • 1 Reply to juiceupon33
      • juice, on the contrary, my post about you was spot on. You are the one who has not been paying attention. If you are so smart, why are you still in this stock that you say is such a loser? It is such a puny insignificant part in your burgeoning portfolio, you would have been smarter to take a loss on it against your other huge gains to reduce your seemingly large tax burden. Ah, but no, you prefer to waste time posting here with your constant whining and hold onto to this hopeless POS. Whatever, I do hope you can resolve your internal conflict so that ultimately you can find some peace, instead of agonizing over such a minuscule investment. You actually remind me of the self-professed millionaire, Warn, who had the same problem. Never understood why he wasted time on this board when Augme was also a puny part of his portfolio.

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    • Jason-well reasoned point...I doubt juiceupon will be able to comprehend under that ID any more than he was able to under his two other IDs.

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    • Some board are more active than others.

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