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  • itsframergreg itsframergreg Dec 29, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

    so i have to ask.......somewhat off topic

    we have smart phones and smart tvs and all the other smart #$%$ thrown on us, but are we really smarter or just getting to darn lazy to even do some basic things for ourselves.

    i bought a remote controll car{a really cool midnite blue formula one,that was not cheap.} from radio shack for a grandson who while was thrilled for a time was over heard telling his sister that he could play the same thing on his phone through games. #$%$

    i am afraid that we now have generations of folks that only can be smart , social and funtion at basic survival skills as long as verizion/att/sprint provides juice to their electronics.

    its a sad ,sad day.

    i just want to go out and play kick the can

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    • Realizing that your question is off topic, it deserves a response! Common sense is not very common! Our society has lost focus on what is important!

    • I can relate... i don't wanna own anything that says it's smarter than me... hehe moneymax3001

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      • never played kick the can? it was a simple game, you would have one person who protected a can in a small open area. the others would try to sneek up and kick the can to win. however if the keeper of the can tagged you, then off to" jail" you go. you could get out of jail by being tagged by someone still in the game and then you could try to kick the can again. . it was a game played best at night so sneeking up to the can was easier. if you did kick the can then you became keeper of the can and the game started again. it taught kids how to work together to over come the keeper. it taught them that somtimes you had to sacrifice yourself so another player could get to the can. it was all about team taught the ones who were keepers hoe to make decisions on the spot(do i stop the can assult or protect the jail etc. not to mention the parents loved it cus i am sure the kids were fully worn out after a few hours of running tagging etc. i highly recomend it to any parent for simple fun .this basic game and its ideals were foundational to helping kids face real decisions and team work skills that helped later in life. the best part was , we as kids had no clue we were learning something but thought it was all just good fun.

    • I agree completely Itsframergreg. I know students going to IVY League schools next year that cannot figure out simple percentages without a calculator.

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      • Is still the best thing going when it comes to technical ideas.. and yes.. my yard is full of maybe 30+ projects at any one time... I recycle everything my neighbors throw away. Well almost everything... I don't do the actual trash... hehe moneymax3001

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      • I think there's a good and bad side of it. The bad is that my generation can't do much without computers and the fundamentals are going downhill. However, on the flip side, we know how to access and process information at a speed much greater than the older generations. So I guess it's a when you bring it to the marketplace, on one end you have a baby boomer who knows the fundamentals of the business and can do everything himself. On the other end you have a gen x/y who isn't as strong in the fundamentals and probably can't complete the job without the aid of a computer. However, with a computer, he is much faster than the baby boomer. This is a raw example I know but it is starting to play out from what I see.

        Also, much of my generation has had a poor education given to us by the govt so if anything, the internet and technology is something that lets us salvage what the state has failed to provide. With things like codeacademy, Khan's Academy, etc, the information of all humankind is at our fingertips if and whenever we want it.

        Interesting question you pose....I see pros and cons. One of the reasons I'm invested in Augme is b/c I KNOW mobile is going to take off eventually....i don't know if Augme specifically will benefit but I have seen some of their platform in action ie Macys/Coors. But there's still a lot I'm confused about when it comes to monetization as I feel they don't do a good job of engaging the consumer yet. Then again, if it were that easy, the question would've already been solved. As a mobile savvy consumer, I find it odd that I have not been adequately engaged by the brands I like. MG has posted articles about how most consumers want their brands to engage them but the brands have failed to do so. I hate my email getting flooded and still look at a more efficient medium through mobile. Right now, I'm using apps such as Foursquare, yelp, checkpoints, shopkick, geoqpons for my mobile advertising/purchasing decisions. Haven't found an all in one medium that can solve my itchy trigger finger tho. Hopefully Augme eventually develops one.

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    • this bullsh?t in a forum that cares.