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  • warnbeeb warnbeeb Jan 9, 2013 11:46 AM Flag

    My God, what don't you guys get?

    Wake up! Sheesh man. Do you like losing money? What do you like about losing money? Please explain. Stocks...even tiny, piddling OB stocks like this one....when they lose 21% in a day (and it may bounce back a little today...don't fret) are not good investments. Even your odds in Las Vegas are better than this. And you don't usually bet 10's of thousands of dollars on a single roll.

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    • Warn, I did win once in Vegas in craps with $500 down in "Snake Eyes", but then again it took the nerve of steel to get it. Got to hand it to them though for trying to reverse the damage and is looking to be headed in that direction, just not now, maybe in 3 to 4 qtrs. For the time being this will played like a 'YOYO" for daytraders with cash on hand and will be trading between .50 -60 range till something "Demonstrative" happens. Most guys here are smart, and seem to know the mobile market, but are lousy investors. There is a saying, never to catch a falling knife, never marry a stock and doctors, lawyers and so called experts make lousy investors. I see that very evident here. Guys hands getting cut like cheese Smart guys holding the bag at the end of the day. Guess they have years to wait. Once this settles at the bottom in 2 wks, look for me to make a re-entry and play this like a "YOYO".

    • We thought Bob handled the call well and continue to add to our position. It remains our analysts top idea as an early stage investment in the emerging mobile space.

    • Warn, are you still hanging around this board? I left when I sold out. You were right with your warnings about the stock, and people should have listened. however, I think they may be turning the corner in the next year. Worth keeping an eye on.

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      • Now they're down 26%...just in 2 1/2 hrs?!!
        I don't want anything to do with this stock, but actually buying 10,000 shares right now and you might pick up .10 by the close....a quick $1000 day trade if you can unload the shares at the close. But that's about all I think AUGT is good for. Trading.
        I honestly don't think this stock (not the company....the company will hang around) will ever retrun to $2. I thought after yesterday's bump that it might touch $1 this morning then sell off. But nope. It just cratered. This is worse than usual after earnings. This is more like when they announce another dilution.....which probably will happen sooner or later. Sigh....

        Sentiment: Sell

    • Management is very professional. I am impressed. The higher priced shares have been offset with the lower price shares in our accounts. The mobile sector is boomimg although still in its infancy.
      Time to roll the dice. All in down here.
      Thanks for the wake up Warn. I read between the lines, You are right! Time to roll!!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy