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  • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Jan 9, 2013 12:26 PM Flag

    Between 68% and 100% annualized growth? Where is the bad news?

    For the third quarter of fiscal 2013 ended November 30, 2012, the Company reported revenue of approximately $7.4 million, an increase of approximately 19% versus revenue of $6.2 million in the second quarter of fiscal 2013 ended August 31, 2012 and an increase of 68% compared with revenue of approximately $4.4 million for the third quarter of fiscal 2012 ended November 30, 2011.

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    • Wakeup Mr. Wake me up dudebloom in the field. The problem is not so much the results as it is your subject. When you constantly point out growth this and growth that, you are inviting a host of daytraders that will devour this like a cheesecake and when it doesn't meet the hype you mentioned, we have this. The stock itself if good should sell itself and provide the value it deserves for all investors to play, but like they say one action creates a re-action. Your seeing the re-action part now and it aint pretty.

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      • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Jan 9, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

        Pretty stupid statement juicebrain "...when it doesn't meet the hype you mentioned, we have this..."
        The subject was taken from their report. Clearly it is living up to the 'hype'. You may be right about the day traders though, isn't that why you are here?

        As for cash on hand and another round of dilution, siri, I think you may be right, but Hussey clearly stated CFBE is in view, and costs are being brought under control, all pretty positive.

    • Complete over reaction but there is a concern on cash on hand and dilutive financing again at these levels. If this happens I will be tempted to double down after that round.

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    • wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom wakemewhenthedaisiesbloom Jan 9, 2013 12:38 PM Flag

      Based on the action, you'd think the headquarters collapsed. I don't get what there was that panicked a sell-off from yesterday except there may have been some speculation and expectation about some IP deal that was not announced, which may have been what caused the run-up to begin with.

      So it was 19% instead of 20% for the quarter! That is phenomenal! Cost cutting is clearly underway. Cash flow BE is on the horizon, and there is a possibility of a sale of $3.5mm+ (whatever impairment is) on a patent that no one thought was worth much anyway. We are still way, way undervalued. Other than unrealized too high expectations, there was no bad news in this thing.

      Lets wait till after the dust clears!

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      • It wasn't 19%, it was 20%. They calculated the % using rounded numbers. Gotta love when a company under-reports their growth rate because they can't be bothered to calculate their % increase based on the actual #'s (which they obviously had as they were in the PR) vs the rounded #'s. Not like that 1% difference caused the sell-off, but I'm sure it's not helping either. Braiker is doing his part while Hussey is apparently dragging his feet. They need to take what they can get for those GEOS patents and get some cash back on the balance sheet. My best guess is that the market is worried about more dilution, and Hussey not giving a clear plan on how/when he plans to raise capital is just very Paul Arena'ish IMO. I wasn't a Hussey fan before and he sure hasn't done anything to earn my (or apparently the market's) confidence.

      • maybe northland is shorting /selling to recoup their shares. wash, rinse, repeat in their world.