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  • red_the_carney_barker red_the_carney_barker Jan 9, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    You know what this is....

    A buying opportunity.!!!!

    The way the "market" is acting, I would not be surprised to see us settle back in the 50s without some kind of news. Instead of despairing the thought,even if you are a long time-underwater-bagholder.. don't miss the chance to pack on more.. I'm lucky in that even at 60 cents I'm in the money, but I'm not finished accumulating.... working on a six figure stake!!!!

    Sorry, but I'm very happy!!! You don't get many opportunities like this.

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    • Yeah, I hate to see it plummet, but I also see it the same way. I was able to plus up my position on the cheap today as well. Not sure if I'll hit a six figure stake, but I'm well on my way. :)

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      • I would wait for inevitable dilution that is surely coming before adding if I were you. Still burning too much cash – 1.5 million left out of 6 million as of 40 days ago and zero clarity on the cc about how to rectify it. Looks like investors will wait for that before committing – and I don’t blame them. Needed blowout numbers but got what everyone was expecting, no homerun here. Growth is good sure but again without controlling costs it really doesn’t matter…and need to see that backlog up again, another concern.
        A quarter to be proud of? Definitely a mixed bag is all I see…and once again down goes the stock price…again and again and again. Wow, you would think I would learn my lesson.
        Peace out.