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  • sirius_yomama_2 sirius_yomama_2 Jan 10, 2013 2:40 PM Flag

    Ask yourself this question knowing the facts

    According the management, on this cc and the last one, the BE point is approximately 10M/Q. If the adage about the market is that it always prices stocks based on the 6-9 months "Future" earnings THEN why are we sitting on 60 cents? At that run rate, which IMO will be achieve mid Q1, what should the market be pricing in now?? If we take away the cash crunch issue, what would be the price?? Just goes to show you how disconnect the reality is from this price range.

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    • What's even crazier is that it is a fairly well known fact in the space that there were at least two major marketing companies, one a major playing in couponing, looking at HC about 5-6 months ago. I know the names but won't say them here. One was said to have floated a verbal offer for around $120 M for just HC yet here we sit. You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried. Just be ready to vote your shares when the time comes because it will.

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      • Sorry, Mobileguru....that is just an outright lie. Par for the course for you. Just making things up. You honest to god have no idea what you're talking about. None. Zilch.

        There is absolutely no harm in naming names on an anonymous board. Especially if it's true. So, "my friend", lets hear it. If management was offered $120 million for HC and turned it down without making it public they should be in jail for breaching fiduciary responsibilty.

        It is NOT a well known FACT.

        Stop making stuff up.It's pretty obvious that you are trying to make stuff up. #$%$.

    • I think they will get to break even quicker than guided to and their cash need is very minimal. They are so close and that's really what makes this the best time to be buying the stock imo. I have heard that they had a record December and one top rep told me he is killing it, but I don't know about how Jan/Feb look. Those are seasonally the two slowest months for ad spending. Rumor is they also just got Oreo cookies as a client so you might keep your eyes open for hints of that on their packages. You can't even make sense of the stock price. Do you know that the entire company is now trading at almost the same value they bought HC for! HC was only doing 9 million in trailing revs when acquired and everyone thought Augme got a good deal on them when they acquired them. It's crazy. The company is a sitting duck and its only a matter of time before someone makes a run. Like I said, there's probably already at least one big player considering it.

    • The cash crunch is the reason why we are here (yes, I know you know that). Hussey decided to discuss it in his opening remarks---"In addition to all of our IP monetization efforts, we have retained Roth Capital to assist in exploring avenues to raise capital. I want to assure you that we are intensely focused on strengthening our balance sheet with the best terms available to us"

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      • We're also here at 60 cents because we're still an OB stock. Of course, if we were on Nas right now, we might be in jeopardy of being delisted for being sub $1 for so long.

        I think we'll see the GEOS IP sale happen before the end of this fiscal year (end of Feb.). That will help our cash position. I don't think we will see more dilution, but of couse I said the same thing right before our last one!

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